Do people dream everyday and just don’t remember?

yes…you have lots of dreams every night
and something tels mme you are here to become lucid

Wow, how did you guess?

Yes it has been scientifically proven that everyone dreams. There is no such thing as a non-dreamer but there are non-recallers. With work though, recalling your dreams can be greatly improved.

Yes I know everyone dreams, but I was wondering if they do it everynight.

Yes, multiple times each night. If you want more information, google sleep cycles.

I read and heard about all these people saying “I don’t even dream” and seeing dreaming as something rare, but I always used to remember my dreams and talk about them. I thought it was normal.

For your question - as the guys said, a big yes. Your first question sounded like somebody told you that and you wanted to ask now if it’s right. It is.