When you are in “lucid” do you think that it is possible to meet someone else that is also?
if you want to talk to them or something you just think of them and teleport to them or something then they get pulled from there old dream and become lucid too!:good:
I would be very interesting if you could!
Also if you could talk to “dead” people and ask them things?
i would really want to talk to my grandfather! :sad:

Hello Zingar36 :smile:

I am happy for you. Your questions make me want to give you a hug!

All of that plus more is possible. The universe to be explored is unlimited!

It would be a good idea for you to look at the Beyond Dreaming topics at this site. Also, please visit SeaLife!

Have a Nice Day! :grin:

What Six means, is that it’s possible, IN THEORY.

The last two words are the important part. If you want to help find out, join in one of the experiments in the Lucid Labratory :smile:.

the last two words are the depressing, skeptic part.

don’t let the pure scientists bring you down zingar, there are plenty of hippies on the forum :yinyang:

i’m gonna go ahead and agree with #six, your imagination is the only thing that can’t be constrained, so if you can imagine it, i’d say go for it… personally, i have some of the same goals in mind, talking to dead people and such. i was originally interested in astral projection before i stumbled across lucid dreaming. to me, lucid dreaming seemed like a a great place to practice operating a subtle body before wandering around on the astral plane

I guess I’m a depressing skeptic then :grin:.

But still, the words ‘in theory’ are lot more open then you think. It doesn’t say it’s impossible after all - it just says that either

a) it hasn’t been proved
b) we don’t know the best way to do it (yet).

i know sureal :smile: i know what you’re saying, i try not to argue with skeptics because i can’t deny all the things that skeptics have discovered by exercising their skepticism

but at the same time, i don’t think everything can be measured or proven

“in theory” is a very good amendment to put on a lotta claims, but i like to leave it out whilst wandering in the realm of spiritual philosophy

Can I also give you, Zingar36, a huge hug for that original question? :happy:

Anyways, yes I think it’s possible. In fact, I had a LD where I met a DC who claimed that she was in my shared dream and that she was lucid. We tried to figure out how to contact each other when we wake up, but unfortunately, she disappeared in thin air (I assume she had to wake up quickly) so I couldn’t confirm if it was true or not at all. :sad:

I also recall other LD where a DC came to me running. She was also lucid. She told me, “Please come to my house.” I immediately understood that she is suffering his father’s abuse. I was also lucid and we tried to exchange our address/information, but her dad came and took her away. They both disappeared.

So I couldn’t confirm that either. I guess I will never know. :shrug:
Perhaps we can experiment. :smile: But I’m sure it’s possible. :wink:

Interesting to wonder if this line of thinking has any impact on the DC “rights” issue. If DC’s could be other dreamers, perhaps some lucid, some not, we should be decent to them. But on the other hand, when they wake up freaked out, their mum will probably tell them to relax, it was just a dream… hmmmm.

It would be cool if 2 people where lucid and the wanted to fight so they did it in “dream world” using all kinds of powers and other things! :wow:

let’s do it !!! :smile:

Hey! That was my idea…

I dunno if shared dreamign is real - but if it is, then that was pretty much the first idea that came to mind.

Darn it, I want your avatar! Just wanted to let you know that there is a discussion on shared dreaming here:

Yes, I absolutely agree that it’s sharing dream related. You might want to experiment with sharing dreams and see if you can end up meeting some lucid dreamers. :wink:

Check out that link that toadstool has provided. It’s other interesting dicussion. You might find it fascinating.

Enjoy. :cool:

Possible “in theory”? I don’t know any scientific theory which would allow for shared dreaming. Perhaps the idea of shared dreaming would conflict with the idea of science.

Let’s just say there is heavy anecdotal evidence (i.e. case studies) in the direction of “yes, it is possible” and some scientific studies. But no explanation.

It is an interesting possibility. There is no way to really know for sure. All you can do is experiment with it yourself. I have witnessed strange things and other people have said they have experienced things like shared dreaming and OBE. So far science has not ben able to disprove these things. So the possibilities remains open.