questioning reality in public

i hope i posted this in the right place its so funny to ask yourself if your dreaming in public. post funny reactions here.

I once convinced myself that I was dreaming for about an hour but then it started to freak me out and I did an RC and found myself awake

I remember when I RC’ed in a shop (outdoors) and flew away :rofl:

I’ve had dreamlike feelings in RL. It’s made me question reality, but nothing serious has ever happened.

Me: Whoa, feels like I’m dreaming.
Friend: …
Me: There’s like… colors everywhere. Feels kinda trippy.
Friend: What.
Me: Nah, I think I’m awake.
Friend: …
Me: But that would suck if I thought this was a dream, eh? Sure feels like one! This would be the perfect place to creatively murder everyone! :happy:
Friend: You’re crazy.
Me: evil laugh
Friend: backs up o.o

Yes, I’m like that in RL. :tongue:

i meant funny reactions of strangers.

I don’t think people take enough notice of each other for them to see a stranger questioning reality. Only time anyone else notices me doing it is my friends who know about LDing when I do the nose RC. Personally I don’t watch strangers closely enough to see them RCing.

I remember one more RC in public. I was on a council and saw an evil man, I attacked him and the people in there were screaming and the man fled :lol:

I once saw someone I hadn’t seen since primary school and she was pregnant. Then some school children walked straight past (one of my dream signs) and I was like :eek: but it wasn’t a dream…