Questions about FILD

Last time I tried to do FILD, I wasn’t sure when to move my index and middle fingers for 30-60 seconds because I didn’t know if was almost asleep or not, so later I fell asleep without doing that part of the process, still wondering about it. I also didn’t know if I was moving too much when I tried to turn off the alarm on my phone, which was right next to me, since it says you should try not to move so much. I also don’t have a sleep mask, so I don’t know if that makes it harder to preform this technique.

Any answers to these questions?


-Lego (Written on November 15, 2017)

Have you read the tutorial? [FILD tutorial)

Did you do it after 4-5 hours sleep?

From the tutorial, only movements should be the fingers and reality check.

I looked up the FILD technique on a few different websites.

And I tried to do it after 6 hours of sleep. Other tutorials say to wake up after 3 hours of sleep, or 6 hours. I don’t know how much time to sleep is recommended.

The ideal time for WBTB is different for everyone, but generally 3h is too little. 6h should be alright, but you should try 5.5h or 5h. Takes some trying to find the right time, but the later REM cycles are longer with less NREM, which helps you. NREM is like a wall in front of you and the lucid dream. All techniques benefit from WBTB.

While you are moving your fingers, don’t worry about if you are awake or not, the RC will take care of that eventually. Only focus on two actions: 1) Move fingers for about 30 seconds 2) Then RC. No other movement or action is required. Just relax in bed and do those two things. Those two actions need to be burned into your mind so well that you continue in the dream and become lucid.