Questions About Lucid Dreaming

Hello, my name is Nico and I hope to one day successfully lucid dream. As I just mentioned, I have never lucid dreamed and i have a few questions about it.

  1. How long does it take to lucid dream? If there is no specific answer, give a range.
  2. What level of control do you have in a lucid dream? If not full control, can consistently lucid dreaming improve your level of control?
  3. Can lucid dreaming be used to practice things that might be dangerous in real life, such as parkour, driving a car, etc.?
  4. I don’t have a consistent sleep schedule due to school. It’s currently 11-6:30 on school days and 12-8:30 on weekends. Does this stop lucid dreaming from happening and should I do anything to change it?
  5. Does using screens an hour before bed decrease lucid dreaming chances? If yes, does anything else have the same affect, such as practicing an instrument before bed.
  6. Does working out or showering before bed increase lucid dreaming chances?
  7. How real is lucid dreaming (details)?

Edit: Any books/articles that have helped anyone with lucid dreaming? Please recommend.