Questions about WILD

Question 1:
I and one of my friends have done WILD and after the first time we have started to see/hea some strange hallucinations/sounds. My friend sometimes sees a man standing behind her or feels his presence. In her first attempt to do WILD she had a dream about that man and said it had been rather scary. I sometimes hear strange sounds or feel like someone is standing in my room. These seem like HH but the problem is that whey occur when we both are completely awake. So- my question- has this happened to any of you? Or am I just going crazy :tongue:

Question 2:
Another friend has not had a LD yet. She hasn’t attempted any of the techniques because she wasn’t interested in this at first. Anyway. The last few days (maybe longer) she has done dream recall. Yesterday she went to the dentist where they gave her some kind of painkiller. So as she was sitting in the chair, she was telling herself not to move. Then her heart started racing and she couldn’t move anymore (the same things happen when I do WILD). Question nr.2 would be- was it WILD?

Oh and today she had ‘’ HH ‘’ too :eh: She saw a man in a black cape…

  1. You’re not crazy :razz:. This happens, we already fall asleep somewhat when we WILD even though we think we’re awake still, and in that stage weird stuff happens.

  2. I dont know. Not being able to move (SP) and WILD dont have to coincide. SP goes hand in hand with REM, and it seems highly unlikely that she was in that stage. Perhaps it was some (physical and/or psychological) reaction to the painkiller.

Well maybe… thanks for the answers :tongue:
only…I think I really am crazy… because these hallucinations occur in day time :eek:

Oh well… I guess I’ll live


You mean they happen at random during daytime, or when you practise WILD during daytime? (neither means you’re crasy anyway :razz:).

they happen at random during daytime.


It just means you have a pretty vivid imagination probably :smile:

Yeah, the 'presence thing’Is supposed to be normal.

Hi Midnight ! Do you mean that, since you began to practice WILD, you (and your friend) have hallucinations during the day time ? If so, could you answer to my questions ?

  • Does your visual and auditive hallucinations happens a lot of time after you get up from your bed ? Or are you still in bed when it happens ? Are the lights on ? Does it always happens in your room ? In brief, could you be more precise about the context and content of your hallucinations ?

  • Since how many time do you and your friend practice WILD ?What are your results with WILD ? How many WILD’s do you have ? Are you scarred when you practice WILD ? How do you practive WILD ? What is your method ?

  • What are your beliefs about WILD ? Do you believe they are LD’s or astral projections ? Do you believe to the “reality” of what you see in dream and do you believe in the “reality” of entities ? When you speak with your friend about your WILD experiences and hallucinations, how do you represent to yourselves these facts ?

Sorry, a lot of question, I know… :tongue: but without them, it’s not really possible to precisely understand what happens to you… :grin:

About the question 2 : it looks like narco-hypnotism. Probably due to the painkiller, and the strong suggestion she gave to herself, your friend has entered in a sort of self-hypnotic state.

Well well… I’ll try to answer …

  1. They happen randomly. Like about 2 or 3 times I was walking home from school (it was about 4 to 6pm or so) and I heard a whisper. Like something was whispering my name. Sometimes I’m home and I feel like someone is standing somewhere near me. When I start to think about it, the feeling gets stronger and sometimes I feel IT’s in my room. Not always though.

  2. I’ve been practicing WILD just a few times and I haven’t got into the dream itself because it seems that I am too awake. My friend however is more successful than I am. She has had at least one LD (that I know of) when practicing WILD. In that dream she saw a man in a black cape and said that it had been very scary. When she sees these ‘hallucinations’, it’s usually that same man.
    When I practice WILD I’m not scared. My method? I just lie in bed and repeat ‘I will go from waking to dreaming’ (or smth similar) until SP hits. Then there’s that strange feeling and my heart is racing. And then one moment it just stops and I’m totally awake. No FA’s, no LD’s.

  3. Now those are strange questions. I haven’t thought of that really. I think WILD’s are just plain LDs. Entities? What do you mean by that? When I speak to my friend about it we laugh over those hallucinations. And we say that we’re going mad :tongue:
    Sometimes they can get annoying.

That’s about it :smile:

Sorry for these odd looking questions. I’ll explain why I asked them. The very rare WILD cases in which I’ve heard about hallucinations during day time, it was always the same :

  • a strong negative emotion (generally fear) was associated with WILD experience;
  • the persons believed that they were meeting entities, like ghosts, E.T., demons, etc., so that it wasn’t illusory dream characters. Generally, fear was the direct result of these beliefs and they developped a sort of paranoïd state. When they were explained that it was illusory (it was not on this forum), fear disappeared quite immediatly and hallucinations (and paranoïd state) too.

Moreover, in these cases, their WILD experience was rather long, they had at least 10 WILD’s (and not only WILD attempts, but succesfull ones).

Thus, I really don’t understand the causes of your problem. :sad: :shrug: I would say, ignore these phenomena. Some of them are rather common indeed, and a lot of people who don’t practise LD’ing have experienced them. For instance, hearing a voice saying your name can happen to everyone (it happend to me three or four times, when I wasn’t practising LD). Feeling a presence in your room is very common too, specially amongst teens (or when you just have seen an horror movie :bored: ).

I don’t think it’s really dangerous (and of course you’re not going mad :crazy: ) but could you tell us if these hallucinations persists ?

About your friend, it’s a little bit different, as she experienced a scary WILD. If she meets the same DC in a LD, she could ask him some questions, like who he is, what he’s doing there, etc. Paul Tholey, a German psychologist and LD’er, has reported that when the dream ego looks courageously and openly at hostile dream figures, their appearance often becomes less threatening. This is particularly useful for recurring nightmares, as in this excerpt of a Paul Tholey’s LD :

I’ve never heard about day-time hallucinations on this forum. I wonder if other people have experienced the same problem. :confused: