Questions for LD dreamers

-Can you feel physical distaste from the real world in a lucid dream? (For instance, if you have a itch?)
-If you experience a itch in a LD, can you then avoid to scratch your self while you sleep?


-Can you feel physical distaste from the real world in a lucid dream?
I have felt my throat dry and my breathing, swallowed in the LD which seems to have cleared the real life problem

You can sometimes feel something from the real world, yes.

This is why many poeple have been hurt in a dream (lucid orormal) and woke up with an injury in the same place (this is why many people think that injuries have been carried over from the dream into the real world, whereas it’s actually the other way round).

If you want it to go away, you may be able to block it, but I honestly don’t know…

Yes, if I’m thirsty IRL, I will dream about drinking…and drinking…and still being thirsty. Its a good dreamsign, though

Or if you have to go to the bathroom. You will dream about going and then waking up and go to the bathroom.

Once I dream about going to the bathroom and then I woke up and went to the bathroom. The walls started bleeding so I realised that I was dreaming. Then I woke up again and went to the bathroom and this time it was IRL. Finally, because I really really had to go.

Freaky false awakenings, JaRoD!

If you’re in a REM-sleep LD, then practically your whole body is paralyzed. So unless you have some REM sleep disorder, you won’t be able to scratch anything irl :smile: