Quick question about OBE

Hi everyone,

I’ve been reading some posts about OBEs in this forum and it interests me.

What I want to ask is:
Is OBE simply a dream about your dream self separating from your body or is it actually your soul leaving your body irl?

Can anyone who has had an OBE confirm that what they saw during an OBE was exactly the same as what they saw when they woke up (e.g. seeing a blue book on the corner of the bed & waking up to see that there is indeed a blue book on the corner of the bed)?

I used to say no. When I began OBE meditations, there would be violent separation symptoms like loud noises or shaking that I didn’t know where they came from. Besides, I would always see the room I was last in while awake, from the same location I began the meditation. But sometimes the OBE would be very dreamlike, and eventually I began to have dreams of having OBE! So then it became confusing. That said…

Sometimes, yes, in sleep paralysis too: somebody turned a new lamp on that cast shadows in the room in new ways, I could see but my eyes were not open. Or, a phone would ring, wake me up part way, I would be paralyzed, and I would be able to see who approached to shake me fully awake so I could move and answer the phone. When I asked if my eyes were closed, this roommate answered yes, but that was only one time and maybe she expected that of course my eyes would be closed because I was lying down (rather than looking at the eyelids, which might have been half-open.) Witness testimony and organic memory can be unreliable, but…sometimes it’s just cool enough for me.

But I could never get it right if somebody else shuffled a deck of cards and put them face-up atop a bookshelf where I couldn’t see except through OBE and then I could cross-check.

In short: Personal experience, yes. Double-blind consistent experimentation standards, no.

I hope this helps! :smile: The dream log linked in my signature has most of my OBE’s in pink font.

Thanks Ellyeve for that detailed answer. It helped a lot. :smile:

Now that I know that OBEs are real, I think I’ll stay away from OBEs to avoid demons and evil spirits (I’m Christian) :peek: