Quick question. What form of meditation do you use?

And how do you do it? =P I’d love to test some of these out. :happy:

well, look what I just found:

I didn’t really check this URL thorougly before posting it, it seems there is mostly spiritual stuff :neutral:
Just use google though, lots of info there :smile:

sexual energy cultivation

basically i stimulate myself and concentrate on drawing the energy away from my genitals as to not ejaculate and stirring it around in my brain until it induces a brain orgasm (which spreads out to your whole body) and storing the energy in my tan tien

I use energy raising techniques (developped by Robert Bruce) to circulate energy through my body and collect these energies in the sub-navel storage center. You can find desciptions of the techniques here: astralpulse.com/guides/new/new.htm
After this I do chakra meditation to raise energies through the chakras while freeing my mind of thoughts and just letting go. Most of the time however this ends in a light-medium trance because I keep concentrating on energy raising.
Sometimes I also use the practice of breathing light or colours to meditate (every chakra has its own colour). I breathe in clear white light or a specific colour, and I breathe out tensions and thoughts. This is a wonderful refreshing and relaxing exercise if you do this for quite some time.

oneiromancer, link please.

if you want a real easy one, I suggest this one:
alternative-medicine.net/med … glish.html

it’s really simple though. It’s the only one I can use right now.

Been trying hemisync wave 1, must say it is quite relaxing. Also i met someone who is teaching me some native north american meditation techniques and they show a lot of promise too. If you want to try the hemi sync i suggest you downoad them from Soulseek or Kazaa, info is here


it’s not a link, it’s a book “the multi-orgasmic man” by mantak chia… you know what, actually i bet i can find a link, let’s see here…


i couldn’t find a description of the actual exercise, and now that i think about it, that’s a good thing. there’s a lot of theory and such that goes along w/ it and it’s worth buying the book, also it can be dangerous if you do it wrong


I’ve used the “dynamic meditation” several times. They have a lot of other stuff on that site, such as spirit guides, seeing into the past, etc… You can ignore that if you like and just skip to the meditation part :content:

I’m trying the flow energy throughout your body thing… it’s quite hard for me. does anyone have tips? PS. oneiromancer, I don’t think i’ll try that as it seems hard. thanks anyway.

Infection0 – I’ve heard of that before, and if I remember correctly a lot of it is visualization. Kind of like the quick “centering” technique that you can do anytime (you visualize energy flowing out from your body into the air/ground/whatever). So I guess it’s the same thing, with visualizing energy flowing through your body…

Did I get that at all? :bored:

hm… i’ll re-read that thing. thanks.

I do zazen meditation…also zen meditation while doing normal daily things.
Tai chi chuan meditation…several positions…like embracing the tree but also others…the one like in aikido with is also from tai chi chuan.
And my own mix from zen meditation, chakra breathing and selfhypnosis.
Well sometimes yoga meditation with fingers…where mind, chi and breathing come toghether as one in connection with the subconsciousness.
But beginners i would advice or zazen or tai chi embracing the tree.
Because emptyness and feeling how chi flows in connection with your breathing is very important to get the recognision how it feels!

I must say when you have the experience of selfhypnosis in relation with breathing out, you can make a huge jump in your meditation experience because you have then a far better recognision how it feels to let go of yourself and all.


oooh I like the part about embracing trees :cool: wow cool new stuff!!

i’M WIErd aint i? :confused: hahahahahah