QuickDreamJournal - New version available for download!!

Hey there,

I’ve finished the new version of QDJ. Now it uses databases, and u can organize your dreams much better. It’s really easy and efficient, u should take a look - ld.rg3.net (please type the adress on your browser, or it won’t work)

when I tried to unzip the downloaded file, it said there was an error and the journal only partially opened. Any advice?
Looks good though.

My download just doesn’t start after I click the download-link, something wrong with the host or is it just me :eh:

I have tested and it’s everything ok… maybe u should try again…



It looks real nice, but it gives me and error everytime i open it

An error occurred while attempting to initialize the Borland Database Engine (error $2109)

And it loads half loaded.

Please reply if you know whats wrong :smile:

that’s the same one I get, which is frustrating, as it looks really good

Hey there,
‘And it loads half loaded.’ - can u tell me how it appears to you? can you write anything in the table, modify? please tell me what windows version u are using, so i can make a test…



Hey i made a research and i fond out that you need to run the Borland Database Engine, i’ll try it out and make it available for u! thanx for the warning! i’ll let u know!!!

hey, that’s the file
Borland Database Engine 5.2 that is needed to run delphi programs…
it’s kind of big, about 7MB… anyone that could help?
ftp://ftpc.borland.com/pub/bde/devsuppo … m52pro.exe
if u try, please answer me, so i can make it available on the homepage, and course i’ll put your name in the program…


Hi Side
I tried, but it came up with this error when i tried to open the downloaded file
“setup could not detect a valid verion of Delphi or C++Builder.
To use this module, you must have a Professional version of Delphi or C++ Builder installed. Installation cannot continue.”