Sorry, didn’t want to threadjack.

Doesn’t it make you mad… Even if you can’t lucid or never heard of it, dreams are very interesting. I’m starting to get very aggravated with this world. I don’t know who to blame but I guess we can start with the media.

Something is limiting people’s mind to only what they see and hear. Its like no one wants to step outside of that and create & figure out.

I don’t really care for the IQ tests, the way I see it, we all have the human mind, we are all capable. I am thinking about making this a goal. I want to free people’s mind, everyone (myself included)!

Okay guys, who am I and where the hell is this coming from? Well, first off, comparing this forum to dreamviews and the other one, this one is more interested in the big picture, not just the fun…

I ran across the nicest post I see on lucidity, “Why do we lucid?”. People were actually giving theories in every reply, I couldn’t believe it. I come up with a new theory every time I lucid and well here is my latest one on why we lucid.

I just woke up from a lucid dream and I recognized what is normal in any old dream, I dunno the term but lets call it the dream world. I’m not speaking about the power to do whatever, I’m thinking of the atmosphere and emotions. Every time I dream and remember it or lucid, I notice the love I had for life but only my dream life. My dreams are showing me and constantly reminding me that there is more to life, not just what your limited to.

This last lucid I had, I didn’t actually control myself and where I was at, much better than that guys. I watched myself live how I wanted to live and do what I wanted to do. I didn’t have to think about what I would do or where I would go, my mind created all that on its on, but I was 100% aware. Doesn’t make sense? Whenever things in my dream were going too far or whenever I wanted to try something, I easily interrupted and changed it or did it…

For example, I was driving my lac in my neighborhood and I started going super fast in a 25mph area. I immediately looked in the sky to see how accurate my vision was and boy was it accurate, very blue sky and very vivid clouds, so I looked for another RC, I seen my hat I had just bought today hanging on a nail in a street light I passed up. I never said to myself, I’m gonna get in my car and speed, but when I did, I stopped and looked for a RC to assure I can keep going. I also created fireworks at one point when I noticed myself looking into the starry night.

Who here wouldn’t want the real world to “feel” like the dream world?
I think it could if there was a way to free everyone’s mind (I’m no exception). Reread those last two sentences. What is the “feeling” we get from a dream? Freedom maybe? I’m not speaking about laws and rules, I’m just talking about our minds.

I’m trying to make this stuff easy to understand…

Referring back to the Why do we lucid thread, so I see people replying but hold on, the lucid community mainly consists of 3 forums. Where the hell is the rest of the world? Dreams are interesting all together, but there are some people who never seen em on the tv or talked about them in their social group and so, OMG! How uncool! And they stick to it… Very frustrating! Anybody wanna unlock this world? OK, well whatever… If you read this whole thing, then something in here caught your attention, figure out what it was and let me know.

If I can add one more thing, as a child, things were beautiful in every way. Why? Because our minds were free. Some people will say it can’t be that way anymore because we understand why everything is and what everything is as we age.

The way we saw things as a child is pretty much the same way we see things in our dreams, today…

Yeah that is true.
You see, when we are in a dream, he have much smaller common sense than IRL.You could that we have a common sense of a child in our dreams.

And I don’t understand why you are mad about people not caring
about dreams.I mean, most of the people don’t care about that, I’m fine with that, it’s their choice.