rain in dreams (lucid or regular)

This may or may not be the correct place to ask this question, but I just had a FA and it was on my mind (plus, what better way to spend my time before I WBTB than on the ld4all forums?).

Has it ever rained in anyone’s dream? I saw the sky in my LD about 45 minutes ago, and I was just imagining how beautiful the rain would look in a dream. If anyone could share their experiences with me on this, I would be delighted. Did it look the same? At what kind of pace did it fall? Did it have a smell? Did it sound any different?

I ask far too many questions, but I suppose I am just an inquiring mind.

I’ve seen it rain in a ND before, in a forest. I don’t recall there being anything different about it, it just seemed like normal rain. Although it would be cool if it looked different in anyone else’s dreams…

hmm, can´t remember one single rainy dream. Actually, weather usually isn´t very present in my dreams. Sometimes the sun is shining, otherwise I just don´t notice it or the light seems rather like on a cloudy day. Seldom night, and never something like thunder, storm, snow…

I can’t remember rain in my dreams either.
Or it’s good weather or I don’t notice it.
Rain is sometimes fine, maybe I will let it rain in my next LD. If I’m in the mood for that.

I’ve had rain in my dreams but it doesn’t have the same feeling as IRL. I don’t hear it or feel it. I see it and know it’s raining.

The sky is either cloudy, dark or sunny for the most part

I don’t remember having rain in ND-s, but i quess that i had it few times.

But i have had some rainy LD-s, yes. When i saw it raining, i wanted to feel it, and it felt similar to RL, although my clothes did not get wet. I quess that it’s all about how you want it to be in your LD-s. If you want to get wet, you will get wet. If you want to feel how it runs through your collar (i had), you will feel it. Basically in dreams your brain is making it as similar to RL as it can be. And if you want to have rain and remain dry at the same time, your brain can also do that :content:

I’ve had rain in both ND’s and LD’s.

It was just like normal rain.

Ah, I only get rain in my dreams rarely, but I have had it. Usually it’s only a mild drizzle, and I don’t get wet. I wish I dreamed of it more often, as I love rain! :sad:

I don’t remember I’ve had rain in my LD’s.

I had a really rainy ND a few nights ago… my clothes absorbed the rain water like they were made out of sponge which made it really hard to walk. It just looked and sounded like normal rain though. :smile:

I’ve had rain in several outdoor dreams. Though strangely never with my tornado dreams.

I’ve never actually gotten wet in a rain dream though. Like I repel water hehe.

It rained in my last LD and felt great. Dunno how to explain it actually, it just felt really good on my dream skin. Nice and warm too, so I didn’t freeze. Yet another LD goal…

As far as I can remember, it has rained in at least two LDs of mine. Everything looked and felt normal…

I had a LD once where the rain slowed down in the air and stopped completely. I could catch the raindrops while they were floating in the air. :cool:

That remind me of the book, ‘The Midnighters’. Ever read it Siiw?

No, I have never read that one. Now when I think about it, there has been rain in some dreams…usually as rain in the air clouding out the vision. I would love to go for a swim in the rain once in a LD!

A very early LD I had was seeing a city street and it was raining. It was very calming. It actually was one of the most clear and realistic LDs visually speaking, and I could hear and smell the rain.
But it was like I was paralyzed in the dream, all I could do was stand still and watch this street scene in amazement for what seemed like 2 or 3 minutes.

It rains and tornadoes and lightnings in my dreams all the time. The lightning and tornadoes are pretty cool though. Rain is boring =P I like real rain better. The lightning is purple and bubblegum pink, and the tornadoes are just… sweet.

I had this MILD in which the rain was dense, it looked more like storm. I presume i was in India by the look of this oldman riding a bycicle and the surroundings. It felt pretty darn good.