Random Lucid

Last night i think i went Lucid, I didn’t attempt to though.

I had found this site about 2 weeks ago and was still trying to better remember my dreams before i start trying to go lucid. I have been doing great! Anyway last night i went to sleep and i was of course, dreaming. I have a habit of cracking my fingers so i started to crack them as usual and i realized something. I couldn’t feel anything, So suddenly i realized i was in a dream and my body started floating uncontrollably.

I also felt this overwhelming feeling, Finally after floating for about a minute i dropped to the floor and realized i was dreaming. I ran out to explore the apartment i was in but soon woke up in my house, Suddenly i realized that the furniture was rearranged, This was also part of my dream. But the second i realized it i woke up.

Anyway the point is I did it without trying, So if i attempted it i think i could actually do it now.

Which method, Would be easier?

Also why would i randomly lucid dream?

EDIT - I also forgot to mention, In this dream i tried to escape this apartment i woke up in but couldn’t. I tried doing the door warp trick but couldn’t concentrate. How do i train myself to control my dreams…better?

Congrats! I’m still trying to remember dreams, had no dream last night. :sad: But I am keeping a journal. I might just try remembering them without wanting to get lucid, might happen like with you, although I am trying WILD.

I also have LDs randomly without trying. I think it has a lot to do with me believing that i can have LDs.

Controlling the dreams can be rather hard, I still have some problems with it. But the basic thing i do is instead of being a character in the dream I’m becoming the Master of my dream and controlling it and at the same time I’m being the character experiencing the dream… lots of weird stuff :razz:

Spontaneous DILD’s would be easier because you don’t put any effort into it, but for me at least it’s not very regular or reliable. Just reading that it’s possible to know a dream for what it is, can be enough to spark a lucid dream-- the mind just takes everything it has from the mind, you know? Something like that.

As for dream control, I found this article very helpful:
It’s basically stabilizing and heightening your lucidity as soon as you can. If you keep having trouble, though, I like to think that say the door represents something that your SC needs you to consider. Until that happens, it may stubbornly remain un-warped. But that’s okay if the floor or window don’t represent anything important, you can just melt them. :tongue: