Random Shared Dream

This is something epic! Random Shared Dream! I think I met another lucid dreamer in my dreams. So everything started with a dream where I was with my wife on a vacation, we were in a village and this place looked like Amazon, we had a small hotel room and I was walking around the village and looking how interesting everything was. Then my wife told me that we have to go, our boat was waiting for us. We moved to the boat and started our journey on the river, there was a tropical forest all around us. That boat looked pretty weird, it was an old type boat but around it there was a thick glass, all round the boat, like a glass wall. It was a tourist boat and there were other boats like that. I noticed that one woman on a boat was looking at me, I did not react anyhow because I thought that it was a usual Dream Character (DC in future). There was a lot of people on that boat, including my wife. I moved to the edge of the boat and was looking at the forest when I saw another boat passing us by and on the edge of that boat I saw my brother, It was very surprising because I see him very rarely in my dreams. He was standing on that boat and smiling back to me, I looked back to tell my wife that I saw my brother on the other boat. My brother lives in a different country and I told my wife that this world is so small, we were lucky enough to meet my brother on the same vacation and even on the same river. As soon as I said it, I noticed that woman again, her behavior was very strange, unlike any of my DC’s. I could clearly see that she is not like one of them, she was moving around the boat and doing her own stuff. From time to time she looked at me and she also looked surprised, just like I was. However I kept thinking that it was another DC. Then we arrived to another village and we came off the boat. That was the end of my dream and I did not manage to talk to that woman who I saw on the boat. But it’s not the end of my story yet :smile:

Next day I had completely different dream, but the day after I had another dream where I appeared to be on a vacation with my wife again. Not in the same country, weather was completely different. There was a small hotel and most of my dream I was inside that hotel, I barely managed to see what is outside, something like a small town. It was a two storey hotel and our room was on the second floor. As soon as I moved to my room I saw my brother, I was really surprised. Two days ago I had exactly the same scenario in the first dream where I was on a vacation and I met my brother and here it comes again, same scenario and I meet my brother again. However I was happy that iv met him there, I walked with him to the first floor and guess what? I saw the same woman who I saw in my first dream, her face was exactly the same, but she had different hair. In first dream her hair was long curly and black and in this dream she had short blond hair. And again, she did look different from all other DC’s. Everybody acted according to my expectations, but not her. She was walking to another room and I decided to follow her, I thought this time I will not lose a chance to talk to her. I followed her, but when she passed the corner of the corridor she disappeared, I walked to the same corner and could not see her anywhere. Went back to my brother and had a small conversation with him. Then I saw her again, she was standing on the 2nd floor and was looking at me. I went upstairs and came close to her, and then I saw how different she was, she had her own emotions, her attitude. Not like anybody in my dreams before. She was really beautiful and I liked her a lot, I spoke to her and said that I am with my wife here on a vacation, but she only smiled back to me. Then I saw my wife and few other people walking in our direction, she saw them too. She grabbed my hand and opened the door, as soon as she walked into that door we appeared in a completely different place, somewhere in a modern office room. Suddenly I felt bad and wanted to go back to the same place where I started my dream because I did not want to leave my wife there, at the same time I wanted to stay with that woman. I took her hand and teleported back to the same hotel. That woman looked very surprised because she definitely did not expect something like that from me, I did not expect that she could use a door as a portal too. When I teleported us back, I walked away from her like I never knew her. Went to my wife spoke to her for couple of minutes and then I met my brother again and told him about the woman who I met. I was walking along the corridor and she came out of nowhere, took my hand and we appeared in the same place where I first saw her in this dream, on the first floor next to the staircase. Then something really strange happened, she looked around and everybody else except me and her disappeared in that hotel. We were absolutely alone. I did the same before in my dreams, but I never saw my DC’s to doing it. I was really shocked and I started to think that something is wrong here and she is not a DC. I realized that she might be another lucid dreamer whom I met in my or her dream. I thought, if she is a DC I will easily control her, I wanted her to disappear and she did not, I wanted her to talk and she did not. She acted absolutely independently. We kissed and she walked away, I thought she will look back at me but she didn’t . This is where I woke up.

Everything happened so fast that I did not have enough time to think of logic and facts, when I woke up I was thinking about everything that happened, I recalled the first dream and understood that it was the same reason why she looked and acted different there. I believe she was another lucid dreamer and it was a shared dream with unknown for me woman.

I hope and expect to meet her again. If we met twice, then there is a way to meet again!

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Interesting. Were you lucid during these two dreams? And I’d suggest trying to speak with her next time. :razz:

I would be happy to do that, but I cant find her anymore

Ah sorry did no see the first question, yes I was lucid. All my dreams are lucid.