Random twitches and convulsions while falling asleep.

Sometimes when I am really, really tired I will be falling asleep, but before I am completely unconscious I will sometimes have an uncontrollable twitch or jerk. It’s never excessive, just one or two big twitches.

I don’t remember if it has anything to do with my sleeping position. I think it will randomly happen no matter if I am laying on my back or side.

I have noticed though, that it happens more frequently when cuddling on the couch with my girlfriend; we’ll both be falling asleep then I will have a sudden big twitch either in my arm or leg or abdomen. It always scares my gf awake and she yells at me to stop twitching! Neither of us know what exactly causes it.

Normally when it happens, I will jerk, then just nod back off to sleep. If somebody else has experienced this or knows about it please share some info or explain a little.


Virtually everybody i have talked with about sleep and dreams have experienced this. It is called a myoclonic or hypnic jerk. It is still being discussed what exactly causes it, but it is completely harmless and normal, like a yawn or a hiccup. There is no use in yelling, has it never happened to her?

There is also a topic about this here: [Itches and Twitches)

ah thank you Siiw, just what i was looking for, but didn’t really know what to search.
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Thanks again!