Rapid heartrate with WILD

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Does rapid heartrate really come with these techniques, or do you just FEEL like you have a rapid heartbeat? Because I’m on heart medication and I don’t really want to mess with my heart…!

I can’t answer to your question but I know that not everybody feels this.

I splitted your topic from the one it was in cause it is likely to have more answers here.

Interesting. I often find that when I try WILD my heartrate decreases a little as I end up more relaxed similar to meditation.

I’ve never had an increased heartrate myself.

If you’re on heart medication I woudl definiatley not recommend WILD because it can cause HH.

I also feel like a rapid heartrate when I have SP, it seems to me like it is not just a feeling, when i wake up, i definitely feel my heart beeting fast…

SP could quite easily cause increased heartrate as it can be quite scary sometimes. Particularly if it comes with “the old hag” fear naturally increases heartrate.

Errr… What relation between hypnagogic hallucinations and heart medication? I don’t understand. :eh:

Erm, well it can be VERY scary sometimes, like noticed myself :smile:

Afterwards i had definetly a very high heartrate. And since thats what he wants to avoid.

I’ve experience rapid and loud heartbeats when attempting WILD before. From my experience it occurs (for me) soon before SP and during. It doesn’t matter whether I am calm or not, I experience them both the same. It comes in quite handy for focusing, cause instead of having to create something to focus on, its provided for me. :confused:
Just thought i’d give my 2 cents on this.

Oh and dont know if its dangerous or not but i’ve never suffered ill effects from it.

Ha! OK! I understand better now! :smile:

Happened to me last night on the first time i tried it, my heart was beating extremely and I think palpitating aswell (different rythms) which is a worry. :sad:

when i feel WILD-like my heart slams thru my chest and it usually distracts me enough to wake out of it.

It is very annoying sometimes, the rapid heartbeat during WILD that is, but I think it’s natural.

Yup, happened to me, it can be very scary sometimes… but I figure it happens every night it’s just that when you WILD you are simply AWARE of this and not creating it.

SP occurs every night, not just when attempting WILD. IF the increase in heart rate also occurs every night when we begin to dream/enter SP, I don’t think this should be a problem. However, I think the one thing that matters is whether or not you can handle the hallucinations that you MIGHT see when attempting WILD. Remember, how the experience goes is all up to you.

I’d suggest trying WILD without WBTB first, with a little relaxation/meditation, get the feeling a little bit. Then if you want you can try with WBTB. If you don’t feel comfortable, don’t push it.

Personally, I think people have scary SP experiences because of they scary things they hear/read about it, whether on this forum of anywhere else. (But this is coming from someone who has never experienced SP [although I have been trying to induce it consciously!!])

Last night I experienced rapid heart rate for the first time while trying to get to sleep. I was not trying to WILD, instead my goal was to try out VILD, (visually incubated lucid dream) as discussed in the Sticky: the BIG VILD topic.

It was somewhat startling, but I remember reading this topic from before so I didn’t panic. It was a bit of a problem because when my heartrate increased I lost focus on my visuallization, and once it was over, I felt like I had to start all over again after all the progress I made. :sad:

I used to have a very loud and rapid heart beat everytime I did a successful WILD, it is very annoying though. Whenever it happened to me it was usually because of the “vibrations” and a mix of anticipation getting me a little excited. I find that if you just focus on counting and stay real calm it subsides. Don’t get too anxious or freaked out or you’ll mess up the WILD, just hang in there. :wink: