Rare techinques: OILD, NILD, TILD, SILD, RILD

Try these techniques (i havent tried them just gathered them through all internet) they may suck, i dont know so try them:

OILD - Orange Inducted Lucid Dream

  1. You will need a serious partner for this.
  2. Tell him to quietly come into your room at about 4-5 am
  3. Tell him to scrunch a piece of orange skin in front of your nose
  4. This ‘sense’ shock wont hopefully wake u up, but will wake up your conciousness

NILD - Number Inducted Lucid Dream

  1. Lay on your bed
  2. Start counting from 1 to 401 skipping odd numbers (eg 1,3,5…399,401)
  3. Perform a Reality Check.
  4. If you are not dreming repeat 2 else goto 5
  5. Enjoy your dream

TILD - Tatoo Inducted Lucid Dream

  1. ‘Tatto’ (with a plain pencil) on your left hand the letters R.C.
  2. They stand for Reality Check
  3. When you accidentaly see it during the day, perform a RC.
  4. That techique will assure that every time you dream of your hands you
    will wake up in lucidity

SILD - Story Inducted Lucid Dream

  1. Write in a piece of paper a series of actions that you’d do in a LD, like a story.
  2. Leave it next to your bed
  3. Imagine that Lucid Story all the time
  4. Sometime you will wake in it.

RILD - Recorder Inducted Lucid Dream

  1. Record in your mobile phone the phrase “Am I dreaming?”
  2. Save it as a ringtone
  3. Programme your phone to ring with that tone at 4-5 am
  4. Hopefully you will “hear it” in your dream

OILD sounds like fun, but squeezing a piece of orange skin makes some kind of pesticide spray out, (try it against a candle). I don’t know if that’s very healthy to inhale. Use organically grown oranges.

I think RILD is quite common, but with computer instead of cell phone. I do it almost every night.

It’s normal, it’s orange essence and it’s flammable.

i dont think the NILD would work for me. Counting is one thing…but counting every other number and so on would make me too awake…and i wouldnt be able to sleep

Same here… Counting itself works fine with me though, especially to induce WILDs. I guess this too can be called NILD, because it remains number induced.
I have my doubts about TILD. You must look at your hands véry often if you want to be sure that you’re going to have this same behaviour in your dreams. And still, even if you can transfer the habit to a dream, it’s most likely you won’t see a thing on your hand, or that you’re unable to read it because it’s very distorted, as always happens with dream texts. And then you also must be critical enough to interprete the message in the right way. I think you must be very lucky if this technique works fine with you.
OILD seems a very interesting tech though. I wonder if it works… :smile:

What can I say? I’ll start about the “flood of *ILDs”, as I call it. We do not need another idiotic abbreviation for every titchy-tiny technique variation some idiot invents and never tries.

I wonder if you could provide sources?

The one with the orange skin and the recorder one are a little original.

Off Topic:
r3m0t: I like your avater! It rocks!

In Topic:

OILD sounds good, but I have 1 problem with it:

What person in their right mind wants to get up at 4 A.M. To squeeze an orange over someones nose. And try to fall asleep again.

No offense :wink:

i agree…seriously…“hey mom, will u get up at 4 am and squeeze an orange on my face?” my mom would think im crazy :smile:

Hey you forgot my “Olfaction induced lucid dream” (Kinda the same thing…)

The number thing is just like a WILD. You just use the numbers like a rope, keeping you concious and as you ascend numbers, you get more into a dreaming state. It’s pretty much the same as a wild but using numbers :razz:

well, actually even laberge wrote about counting tech in his EWLD, its just kind of WILD, as Crouching Lotus said :smile: