Rarely fully Lucid...

Well as the title says, I’m still having trouble getting to full lucidity. I’ve always been a rather vivid dreamer, and over the past half year it’s gotten much stronger.

So since I’ve begun my personal little quest for lucidity in my dreams, I have yet to get past a certain point. I typically remember extremely vivid and real portions of dreams when I wake up in the morning (experiencing most in the morning of course). I’d say that I remember at least 2-3 dreams a night. So because of that, I haven’t ever kept a dream journal. Though I write about the more interesting onces for some personal satisfaction, I suppose.

As I lay in bed and try to prep my mind, I usually end up in the same place: lost in my sleep and hopeless to control dreams. I have tried the WILD technique and personal variations of it, but I never reach the point where I want to get to when I try to. Instead, I’ll begin to dream while I’m awake when I’m doing something like watching TV or a movie late at night when I’m particularly tired. But when I try to get them when I’m actually going to sleep, I simply graze it for a short while and then pass out.

I’ll spend hours reading and writing about everything that I know should get me in the correct mindset to have a LD, but somehow I never get past these extremely vivid but captivating dreams. I have had LDs before, but typically they just happen sporadically without any obvious provocation. Lately the dreams, as I said before, have seemed so true and real to actual life that I simply take them to be real. My reactions to events are realistic, as are the actual events. Nevertheless, I am lost.

So does anyone have any suggestions on how I could get myself to a higher level of dreaming? Sorry for writing this mini-epic on my rather simple problem, but I have habit of droning on. Thanks ahead of time!

From my experience, the best technique is to look for a while at the ground. Try to see every little detail, try to say “I am in a Lucid dream”. Everytime, I let myself to go with the flow of the dream whether I lose lucidity or I wake up in excitement. But, this doesn’t work every time you try it, it sometimes fails, and you might wake up, or lose lucidity! It’s different for every person. Try the “spin technique” or rub your hands too. Finally, keep in mind that DILDs are usually in low lucidity.