RC didn't work!

After having started to regularly write a dream diary, I can now remember my dreams after almost every night. I’m happy about that. My first lucid dream, though, has yet to occur.

What happened last night though, is strange.

The dream was long, very long, felt almost like I was awake for a whole day or so.

I’m just skipping most of the dream in this description. Was in a shopping mall and a lot of weird things happened… was in a miserable shower cabinet… yada yada, these things are not important here.

Somehow I ended up in a luxury hotel room, where I sat building some electronic stuff (one of my hobbies in real life). Somehow I got informed that I had gotten randomly selected to be a test passenger on NASAs new Zeppeline ship. Next, I was on a nice Zeppelineflight and discussed things with a lot of strange people.

Next, the Zeppeline ship crashed, and somehow I ended up at home again, sitting in front of the computer, reading my local newspaper headlines: “NASA ZEPPELINE TEST FLIGHT WENT WRONG - ALL 140 PASSENGERS DEAD”

Now I started to suspect things, was I lying in the zeppeline wreckage, unconscious and dreaming? Off we go with an RC, the NOSE technique. Plugged my nose, and I couldn’t breathe. Took the conclusion that I was in the real world.

Shortly after this, I woke up.

Help! What does this mean, should I practice the clock technique instead?
A bummer really, that my first lucid dream was destroyed by a nonworking RC :grrr:


what ever you do, don’t let it get to you. just stay persistent and keep trying. you can start with a new rc, or do varioius rc’s together just for insurance. then in your dream you’ll do all the different rc’s to totally test your reality. you’ll find one that is right for you, don’t let it get you down. just keep at it :smile:

good luck with your first LD, you’ll get it don’t worry!

too bad. must be frustrating :smile: …but the dream sounds cool :cool:

i think you should change RC. i dont really trust the plugging thec, so i dont use it at all. i cant even imagine what it is supposed to feel when you can breath, though your nose it plugged :eh: … and always remember to put your mind totally in the RC, cos if you dont, it wont work. good luck with that…

My advice would be to ditch RC’s completely. I tried them but they never worked for me. Besides they are annoying as hell and interfere with your life.

How will I then know if I’m dreaming or not? Should I just take for granted that I am dreaming when something doesn’'t feel right? Sounds a bit risky to me :razz:

well, if you do other RC’s and they prove that you’re dreaming, than you’ll know. for instance, if you do the reading RC and when you do it in your dream the text does change… then you’re dreaming. No risk involved! :smile:

you have many other RC’s to use as well:


And there’s more… just try out different ones till you find one that works in your dream. I’m sure if you pick one, besides the nose one, then it will work in your dream. RC’s don’t usually fail.

Good luck, I hope I helped :smile:

I find my major problem with RCs is that when I do remember to do them in a dream(very rare) I reason myself out of thinking its a dream.
Gee I have 6 fingers because my glasses aren’t on straight.
Can’t read the time on my clock, must be going blind, oh well. :content:

I have not trained in any LD techniques. Infact not having had the time to read up on it yet …I still dont know what all these abbreviations are that you guys ar talking about. Wild, mild, dild, ???..whatever they are…just figured out FA , DC and RC from the posts.
However after reading about the lights, RC, I did this the next LD. It just seemed to occur to me…ah ha…everyone says the lights wont work, and I just started testing things. After 3 checks I was pretty impressed with myself for figuring out so quicly I was in a dream.

Tripper, if you pause your mouse cursor above an acronymn (like WILD), the text will appear and tell you its definition.

grapetonix, it’s always best to use more than one RC in a dream if you’re just beginning. You have to make absolutely sure it’s a dream, don’t just take being awake for granted, because that’s what you tend to do, whether you’re dreaming or awake. Good luck. :wink:

Very cool - Thanks Sage. That def helps understand what sometimes sounds like jibberish to my uninformed mind ! Must pause more often until I have research time…lol… :smile:

Whether you’re talking about browsing the forum, or life in general… sometimes you just have to pause and everything becomes clear. :wink: