RC habits

Does anyone know a good way to get into the habit of RCing in the day, the only time I remember is when im reading this website and thats not much help lol. Ive been looking at a brain wave generator program that says it can help or stop habits but I really wouldnt know how all that works, could anyone give me some advice?

lol yea i know how anoying that is. i had the same problem, it is really just practice, when you wake up try say “today i will do 10 rc and i will reward myself with a cup of coffe”

or whatever you are really into. after a while you will get into the habbit of doing them. the reward is there just so u DO do it. if u dont do it no coffee.


You could write RC on your hand,put RC saying note on the spot you are passing by a lot during your day(your bedroom door,kitchen?),you could put a thin rubber on your hand to remind you.

Try to help yourself with objects you use frequently during the day, for examble the mobile phone. If you handle it a lot, just stick a note with RC on it and it will remind you. :wink:

I used to put a piece of paper into one of my pockets and everytime I moved my leg in a certain manner (step) I felt it and it reminded me to do an RC. So everytime I was sitting and stood up I felt it.

I’ve come up with an idea to set my watch to beep every hour throughout the day, and whenever this happens, I do some reality checks.

The thread I started about it is here:

Doing reality checks consistently every hour all day must help considerably, and a watch beeping every hour is a perfect reminder I think.


i have done jack’s idea of RC on your hand before a few times, and it seems to work well. you look there more than you’d think in one day. but, the rubber band sounds like an even better idea cause you’d feel it.

just do them as often as you can (but not repeatedly over and over again), then after a while you’ll remember more often and you’ll be doing them constantly. but always remember to not just let it be a habit, you always have to wonder if your dreaming, otherwise they don’t work as well.