RC help

Does anyone know someway I could get something like a watch that I could get that I could set to make a sound every 30 minutes to remind me to do a RC. :help:

I think most watches have a feature to make it beep every hour. Some people also draw reminders to their palms or thumbs so that they perform an RC every time they see the reminder. Be creative and use your imagination :wink:

i wouldnt use a timer to do a reality check cuz it probly wont happen in your dream and how are u gonna remember to do it in your dream if u cant in real life unless u use a timer.when i used to do the reality check meathod i would do it when ever i went through a door. i wouldnt actually do a RC always but rather just think about if this was a dream or not bc i didnt wanna look like a reatard doing the RC i do which is pinch your nose and see if u can breath.anyway its knda hard 2 remember to do but once u get use to it it becomes easier 2 remember and if u do a RC through every door(probly like 100 at least a day) u have almost a 100% chance of goin lucid all the time.now i just use WILD to go lucid cuz i like the fact of being able to go into the dreamworld whenever i want(i think of it as the matrix :cool: ). anyway good look with your RCs and if u r goin 2 use the door meathod remeber to start right when u leave the room your in right now :wink: .

LucidN20: Your avatar is horrible. :tongue:

As for remembering to RC, I ditched the beeping watch too because I didn’t think it was helping. I set my timer to go off every 1 hour+ and then it would automatically start again so it would go all day, but like they said, chances are slim your timer will go off in a dream. Come to think of it, I can’t recall a dream I’ve had my watch timer go off. But usually the act of looking at the watch in the dream will convince me I’m dreaming, even before I notice the time change.

Dr. LaBerge has a good exercise for improving your memory as far as RCing goes. Get yourself 7 flash cards and right down four instances that might occur. For instance:

  1. When I’m crossing a bridge
  2. When I see an attractive girl
  3. When I’m with X
  4. When I take off my shoes

Memorize one flash card every morning per day without looking at the cards again or before the day begins. Try to hit each mark the first time it happens, otherwise it doesn’t count, and you missed it. If at the end of the week-exercise you missed most of your marks (like me :sad: ) repeat with new instances. :smile:

I tried your method of doing a RC everytime I go through a door and last night I had my first LD in a while. Thanks. :smile:

The Lucidity Institute’s issue #7(3-4) of Night Light has a dream camp diary in it in which Keelin talks about Dr. LaBerge’s method of the “doors of perception”, the RC that is supposed to increase your awareness by noticing when you walk through doorways…it’s interesting reading: