RC works for me (title edited)

ok, now this happens to me all the time, i am in a regular dream and i dont know i am, just a regular dream then in the dream world i go to my computer, turn it on and then try to type in a website but i cant, its comes out all weird then i know im dreaming.
another example is if your dreaming and u look at a clock to see what time it is it will say what time it is, then u walk away and your like ok so its (you dont know the time) u look again, u see the time but you cant say it. thats a sure fire way
to selfcheck with out actually self checking in a dream
paece out

Those sound like regular RCs and dream signs…

yeah im sorry…but this is already known by everybody…my guess is you just found out about lucid dreaming and your extremely excited about it…hehe I used to be that way too…good luck on your lucid dreams! and welcome to the forum…

i should have called is the automatic rc.

This clock system seems to work on money too :tongue: I found a lot of money in my wallet in dream and they changed from USD to euros and i realized im dreamg. :cool_laugh:

Ah, that’s prett cool! This is one that happened to me:

A deer was laying down in the woods. I told my aunt about it, then looked back. It got up and hopped away. OK… so it wasn’t a deer, it was a rabbit. :eh: I laughed and said that I should get my eyes checked. A few dream minutes later I did a RC and found that I was dreaming.

Odd, eh? :lol:

Two of my friends had LDs (very short ones) just from reading about LDs, one noticed something was odd and when he tried to levitate things it worked, the other turned the sky purple just on a whim, the one who turned the sky purple uses that as his reality check, but I don’t know if it would be very reliable.