RC's - all the time

I had a great morning today. After struggling to fall asleep at least hour and a half I finally made it but also I did WILD. As any WILD could be tricky this wasn’t different at all. When I start to feel levitation I decide to “stand up” from my body and make a transition. As I was doing that I had a feeling that saliva is going to choke me but I knew that this is only a HH which was trying to distract me but I didn’t fell for that.

When I finally made it into a dream I was lucid from the first second but I had a problem with vision, everything was blurry and as I was in my bed I rubbed my hands and it get a little bit better but it also started to spin, like the whole room.

At that moment I thought that I will lost the dream but I decided to do a RC no matter that I knew for sure that I’m in a dream because previous tries showed me that RC’s will stabilize and prolong the dream, so that was the next thing I tried. And of course the dream become more vivid, solid and stable. But after a few seconds I started to lose it again and I did RC again. As I pinched my nose the breading started to be more heavy but that’s what brought stability to the dream.

As I felt myself breathing and I could hear it. link couldn’t be broken. As I stop pinching my nose the dream started to fade. This time I lost the battle but I use DEILD technique to chain dreams and I was again in a dream fully lucid. This happened at least more then 5 times and I had at least 5 FA’s but after that I was in a lucid dream again and I had pinched nose ALL THE TIME and it worked…

So, next time try that and see what happens! It helped me a lot so I thought I might share this experience! Good luck!

I can’t completely understand you but I think I got the idea. Like you said, you Believe that reality checks will stabilize the dream. So employing them should help with those kinds of problems. In your case it seems to be working in a drastically black and white type of fashion.

Yes, but true point of this post was that I was in a dream and I was holding my nose closed all the time. So I walked and interact with the dream with nose closed therefore having RC on all the time… And I didn’t lose lucidity or vividness of the dream…

Well that’s what I thought you said. You said that it stabilized you when you held it but lost stability when you didn’t?

Like I have said, you believe the reality check to work. So doing it constantly should bring about almost constant lucidity and stability.

Yes. Somehow this was amazing because before I did RC and then everything was ok but now I was doing it all the time and vividness and realness was awesome…

Maybe pull a cloths pin or some kind of clip out of your pocket and try using t to plug your nose next time you get lucid? That way it would be constantly plugged but you wouldn’t have to manually do it haha

Good idea, but I think when you actually do it manually/“physically” then it servers the purpose. Because you are actually doing an action that keeps you lucid.

This morning I had a chance to test it again and it work very good. Normally you have 2 hands but that doesn’t need to be the case in LD. You can have as much hands as you want and one can be use d for RC’ing. Oh and I menage to summon the kraken! It was an epic battle! :content:

With me and the nose plug reality check, it’s mostly the feeling of me breathing while plugging it that sparks lucidity. After that I usually don’t have to reality check much if I just mention to myself that I am dreaming.

And sounds interesting bud. Are you saying you used more that three hands? I wanna try this hah

Exactly. When you feel and hear yourself breath after pinching your nose that’s actually what triggers the lucidity… And when I keep it pinched I have constantly that reminder…

Well I’ve notice that usually I don’t use “physical” things to control things. Sometimes I do, but pure manipulation of the dream comes either from voice of just mind control…

I’ve thought about doing this many times, but I never got around to it. :ack: Plus, I get distracted easily and might let go. But if it increases lucidity and vividness, then that’s exactly what I need!

New Lucid Task set! :ok:

(and imagining a third arm that is only there to hold your nose closed is hilarious! But I’ll start out with one of the two arms I already have :razz:)

Yeah if you have low lucidity dream then anything can distract you from your goal which could be in that moment RC, doesn’t have to be a real dream goal, right? I don’t worry to much. I’m having a great success now because I applied LL in my daily routine. But not hardcore LL, I’m starting small… I try to absorb as many things I can and analyze them without messing with something that I’m doing at the moment, of course exception is when I’m fully dedicated to doing RC and then making it for sure that I’m not in a dream, or that I am! :eek:

I usually don’t think about how to do things, I do them how I imagined them. So I actually don’t know how I pinched my nose, I gave the third hand example only as example :content: , I’ve noticed that I just do things, like flying - usually I don’t need a technique for how to, I just do…

I remembered the task this morning, but I couldn’t breathe through my nose :eh: At least that didn’t make me lose lucidity. I’ll try again tonight (btw, you were in the LD after I tried it, dB_FTS :lol: and the whole thing, HI, transition, short LD, happened all in exactly 4 minutes, really weird!)

Good think you remembered and got lucid. Just try it again and it seems just because of the task you couldn’t breath! Hahaha, awesome. [size=75]sorry[/size]

Hahaha, no way. I have to ask, how did I look? Did I look like my avatar or did you see my picture in members photo gallery? Or was it something third? :woo:

Wow, it’s really interesting ! You must have fought really hard to keep lucidity and you done very well, congrats !

Can you tell me more about the “DEILD” thing, please ?

Last night, I lost my lucidity and woke up but I couldn’t go back to my lucid dream.
I become lucid instantly after using a super power in my ND which allowed me to live a very vivid LD (everything was almost bright and clear) but it lasted only 1 min (I’m a beginner) because even if I was rubbing my hand constantly, I have been interupted by a DC while I was spinning around to stabilize my LD… Which led me to an awakening…

I would have loved chaining my LD like you to continue practicing !

Thanks in advance for your help !

Hey man!

About DEILD: I’ve noticed that in the morning it works the best[at least for me]. Well that’s because you are more aware then in the middle of the night. It’s practically WILD but much shorter because you don’t need to schedule to wake up, you don’t need WBTB and you are already in REM - most of the times…

So that’s practically chaining the dreams. When you are in a dream and you are lucid[best option for making DEILD work] you prepare yourself when you notice that dream is fading that you will wake up but you will maintain body position and that you will not open your eyes. Of course you can open your eyes or move a little but the best is not to because you will slip into another dream just in few seconds…

When you doing it in the morning you will have this awareness that will help you to actually do this. Because sometimes you may end up in FA or in a NLD when you are not that much aware as you are in the morning. With such awareness you can easily tell what is dream and what not, just like you can say with certainty that this is a WL not the dream… but to be sure make a few RC’s :content:

Are you 100% sure that was not FA? :smile:

Don’t worry about it. The thing about being a beginner is that whatever you experience is new and overwhelming. I would suggest that whenever you become lucid just stop and observe, make a few RC’s and calm down. Tell yourself that you are in a dream and that you need to take it easy, don’t rush into things…

Good luck!

Thank you dB_FTS :wink:

Yes lol, I never had FA for the moment, and I always RC after I wake up, especially after a LD ! I just had a normal dream which I remember quite well btw.

That is, in a certain way, what I did. The first time, I’ve tried different powers like flying or teleporting etc. But I realised that I was burning the steps. That’s why I now focus on having a LD as vivid as possible, touching objects and really feel the dream.

But my main problem is the commonly called “Awareness”. How to reach this state of counciousness. All these words are kinda blury for me. I don’t really understand them in details !

No problem! :content:

Well I started to practice LL. It’s a technique where you try to be as aware as possible at any moment of your waking life so that awareness can be transferred later on in a dream. It’s almost like reality checking all the time. It’s very hard to practice it because it take a lot of mental power and focus and it’s very hard to combine this technique with daily routine.

That’s why I started small and easy. I don’t know your daily routine that’s you need to adjust this technique to yourself. Take 3 or 4 elements from your day and try to be aware of them through all day while doing your normal waking things. When you start to be aware of them then add new elements and by the end you are being aware of your whole daily routine.

Here’s the original topic on lucid living from the archive. I suggest you read it for more detailed information on others experiences!

And like I said before, start small and easy, give yourself time and credit!

I will, thank you !

It was more like a presence. I don’t remember looking straight at you, you just were… there. :lol: Although if you did look like your avatar I would probably have noticed!

I think I sort of remembered to do this last night. The problem was that I got lucid after a longish WBTB and when I did the RC that made me lucid I was completely SHOCKED that it was a dream, because it was so freaking vivid! I guess I got a bit excited and woke up. But I still think I tried it, even for half a second, in another lucid moment. What kept me lucid there was being very aware of my breathing, which is now another thing I want to try out.

Oh I know that feeling and to be honest I hate it a little bit, you know someone is with you all the time but you don’t know who… I guess in your case was a little bit better you somehow knew that it was me…

Yes, I think that is about awareness of the action, like when you rubbing your hands, if you would rub your hands and not pay attention to it I guess that then this tech wouldn’t work like it works…