RCs - I think ive only had one false awakening

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Has anyone done this? I have an app on my iPad that makes a unique noise every 20 minutes. When I hear that noise, I try to push my fingers through my palm. I’m around my iPad most of the day so I hear it a lot. I’m pretty conditioned now, doing the check without even thinking about it (I initiate without thinking. I pay attention when I’m doing the check.)

At night, I leave the noise on a 20min timer, same as day. Is it possible to be conditioned that when I hear it in my sleep, I’ll check in my dream? Is there any chance of becoming lucid that way?

Hi Sheila -

It sounds like it should work but - have you done the dream journal yet? I found the dream journal made all the difference. I didn’t use an alarm to interrupt me from sleep (our bodies/minds) really do have an accurate sense of time, if we trust them. I looked at the time (11:00p) on my cell phone and told myself that in five hours, at 4:00AM I wanted to have a dream, wake and write it down every 60 minutes until it was time to get up. & that’s exactly what happened. Oh, I did do general waking/dreaming checks before & during that week - I asked myself at various times during my waking day ‘Does this feel like a dream? What does a dream feel like?’ That’s how I did my dream-check. Anyway, I kept the dream journal for about a week and a half and stopped for reasons, & then about a half a week later when I went I checked the time (10:30) and told myself that I would like to have lucid dream in five and a half hours, at 4:00. And that’s what happened. fyi/fwiw

ps - I wanted to add - I tried a bunch of methods but I didn’t have a lucid dream again until I did the dream journal. There’s a tutorial about the approach I used somewhere here on LD4all but I can’t find it right now :sad: (maybe someone else knows the link?)

I’ve tried something similar by having my phone vibrate every 30-60 minutes, at night I shoved it between the mattress and the wooden frame of my bed, usually I did not notice it when it vibrated, the times I did I simply woke up.