RCs while lucid? Good idea?

Haha, tonight I came up with the idea to do reality checks while in a lucid dream. The reason behind this is because I can only recall a single time where I used a reality check to realize I’m dreaming.

The past few weeks have been a huge learning experience for me. Each lucid dream, I gain more experience and more ideas of what I should do next time. The point is… …well RCs really haven’t played a role in inducing lucid dreams.

ANYWAY! So yeah, maybe if I do reality checks while I’m ALREADY lucid, I can probably increase the chances of me doing a reality check when not lucid. :content:

It will probably take me a month to see how this goes… but… comments? anyone? :gni:

What induction method are you using atm?

Well, yes, it would be good. It reinforces the fact that you’re dreaming (and lucid). When you lose lucidity, it pretty much just pops off, but if you do many RCs it should constantly be in your mind. :smile:

Well, that’s not the reason you suggested (which I don’t know about) but I think it’s good enough.

I’m mostly using WBTB to induce lucidity. Not only that, I become lucid automatically sometimes. Soooo… yeah I’m going to do RCs while lucid.

But I’m sorta a newb. Can someone explain the WILD technique? Some nights I don’t have enough sleep time to do WBTB and would like to do WILD instead.

im actually going to ask this question in the newb section

Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around? Doing RC’s so you will do them more often during dreaming, instead of doing them in dreams so you’ll do them IRL more? I don’t see much point in making sure that you’re awake, as usually you can tell when you’re actually awake. Being able to tell if you’re dreaming is supposed to be the hard part.

… someone must tell me what I’m doing wrong here.

Ok, so last night I was dreaming lucid. I did everything I planned on doing. I practiced my “powers”, I met a dream character, I did Reality Checks during lucidity, and I even meditated for a bit to make the dream more vivid. Heck, I even made the dream vivid a second time after it was fading a little, but this morning when I wake up, I don’t feel, “OMG THAT LUCID DREAM WAS AWSOME”

Could it be my sucky dream recall? Maybe it’s that I was forced to wake up for school? Maybe I was dreaming of being lucid? Oh, and one more thing: I’ve only had one lucid dream so far that was like, “OMG”. That’s like 1 out of 6 or something. I dream lucidly all the time… or do I? You tell me.

I find I only get the feeling when I wake up strait after having the dream. if you carry on dreaming after it, your DR is damaged you you’re not really left with the nice, fuzzy, OMG feeling.

As to tell if you’re lucid… if you KNEW you were dreaming, it was lucid.

I sometimes do RC-s in LD-s just to be 100% sure that i’m dreaming and it makes me to feel fantastic (assuring myself by that that i really do have a LD). In some other times i do RC in LD-s before flying from high place, or smt, to be 100% sure that it’s a safe :tongue: