re-enact movies

okay, so im tired so i didn’t thoroughly search for this topic if its been created so sorry :tongue:

right, so i was wondering, if its actually possible (okay i know its possible) to re-enact movies in your dreams. more specifically, for example, being able to listen to a movie score on your ipod while doing WILD (or something). if you’re sleeping it probably wouldn’t become part of your dreamscape, but what if you did WILD? would you be able to hear the music while LDing?

sorry its very late and i’ve lost my ability to form coherent sentences :content: I’d love to hear from anyone who’s managed to successfully re-enact a movie in their dream, (like actually be a spectator or an actor/ress in a movie.)

yeah, if its not obvious, this isn’t a like a “i hung out with tyler durden(insert character here) from fight club(insert movie here) at my house in my dream.” thread. i mean a dream that more or less follows the actual movie.

thanks, and sorry if this doesn’t make sense, its 1 am here

yes it would be possible :yes: and since you mentioned LDs and WILD I moved the topic to lucid adventures so that members can record their movie dreams here :thumbs:

The movie score can play in your dream without the assistance of an Ipod. Sure it may not be exactly right if you don’t remember it but then again, will you notice?

i’d love to do phantom of the opera :tongue: haha, it’s always been a fantasy of mine, plus, i get to go through a mirror! :grin:

hey phantom_lover, yeah your name kinda gave that one away :happy:

back on topic, (since this is an old thread)since i wrote this, i have managed to re-enact scenes, i re-enacted some spiderman scenes (complete with yellowcard’s gifts and curses in the background) and i have a vague recollection of some lion king happening.

I would probably re-enact 28 Weeks Later or Harry Potter :razz:

I dreamed once I was helping someone escaping from the government. We were hunted down for ages it seemed. It was my job to get this person to Al Pacino who sort of was an underworld boss. He could help to keep us safe from the government. It was an awesome dream that kept on going and going.

Maybe not a re-enactment of a movie, but it sure felt like being in a movie!

I remember now i had a dream where i was in Minority report. IT was one of the most uncomfortable dreams i’d ever been in, because i couldn’t take literally 5 steps without one of those damn eye scanners catching me and setting off alarms. I spent a lot of that dream running away from the bad guys chasing me.

i’ve been doing mad max, equilibrium, matrix its all pretty damn fun to see whats happening on the other side of the glass

i read somewhere in the experiment part of the forum that you could listen to a certain song or score while reading about lucidity, then listen to that while you’re falling asleep…
maybe you could have the movie playing in the background or the soundtrack? :confused:

that sounds like something i’ll give a try tonight. I’ll post and let everyone knows how that works tomorrow then. cheers


It’s absolutely possible. :smile: I used to re-enact movies I would watch before going to bed all the time! Sometimes I wasn’t even lucid. :razz:

When I can become lucid I want to live out the Marvel Zombies combic book series.

I re-enact the Pokemon movies quite often in my ND s… :lol:

some nights ago a re-enacted Sam And Max episode 4 if that counts … oh, and hey MasterOfMe !!!

Oooh this would be mad, hmm harry potter would probably be cool to do,
maybe a cartoon? A disney classic, help out the characters.
or be a main character myself. Yes that would be fun.

So if I listened to Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy before falling asleep, I’d find myself on the Heart of Gold? :happy:

By the way, I’ve never had an LD before (not yet!), so I don’t really know anything about WILD or whatever. In other words, “n00b alert!”