Reacuring dreams?

Have you ever had reacuring dreams? not like in the same month but like over some years?

I have 2 dreams that i have from time to time: (All non-LD) ( 2 dreams that i remember now ).
The latest i had was i was exploring a cave system and then i remembered from meny years ago that i had dreamt about this cave system, repairing it, building some of it. It lead to somekind of odd “trippy” world. I dont need to go in further on what was trippy about it, But i can say that i remember that i dreamt it when i was very little. like 4 or 5.

the secound dream i have had is one that im rolling around in a empty space, strange feelings of power surging through me. Hmm, This usally keeps up for like 10 min, And then i wake. When i wake its the creepiest part, I think it has something to do with the dream, and that i am not completly awake. I can seem to point out up from down, It feels like i am walking around in the roof. ive only have it like 6 times or so when i was little. And its just a dream, But its realy irritating until it weares out (about 20 min later). Then i just drink some water and head back to bed.

Hmm, You have any reacuring dreams, Why not write 'em here, for fun? (Am just a little curius if anyone allso have 'em).

A really fun reacurring dream I have every year or so, I’m in a giant white house in the shape of a colusseum. It’s kind of like a video game and whenever I drop something and I have to go down steps a coin flips and if it lands on tails a man in a top hat comes to get me :eek: . But I’ve never been caught yet, I usually grab what I drop and race up the stairs. The funniest part is when you get to either the 14 or 15 floor, a bunch of old people with walkers and wheel chairs walk across the hall blocking my way :eh: . The reacurring dream stopped reacurring when I made it to the roof of the house. I had to hop across trash cans and when I made it I got on a swing and swung for five minutes and then fell off, but I started to fly! It was so much fun :cool_laugh: !