READ PLS, school teaching about dreaming

I’m so angry when I was having a psychology class and there was a chapter about dreaming… it was short but dealed things like this: “Dreaming is a alternative state of consciousness dreamer is like a bystander… he is actor, writer, and watcher of his dream. In dream there is not the same level of consciousness as when awake. Dreamer always thinks the dream is real and thats why nightmares are really scary etc…”

Ok my point is. They NEVER mentioned that people CAN be consciouss inside their dreams… man im so angry and frustrated.

And I’m living in Finland. I haven’t had all the psych courses yet but if none of them talk about lucid dreaming, not the slightest bit, I will be disapointted. :sad:

I know this topic isn’t very new (I suppose), but I can’t help talking about this.

That is kinda disapointing. Probably the people who wrote the book never heard about it or didn’t believe. Did you ask your teacher about it?

:neutral: That sucks. I was quite dissapointed when I did a-level psychology (UK) because my teacher had left when we did the sleep/dreaming bit, and the person teaching us knew nothing about psychology. The textbook was good though, it mentioned lucid dreaming and I managed to get 87/90 on the exam. :grin:

It’s annoying that people dont realise how real dreams can be, and implying that the dreamer is always just like a bystander is just wrong. :no: