reading as a reality check

Whenever i do reality checks i read things to make sure and sometimes look at clocks but not as much retrace my steps. is this ok. I just recently become lucid and in the dream i was reading a book so i guess it works.

theres alot of topics about this. reading can be a RC…but watch out. sometimes the brain remembers the words…very rarely though. for ex: in one of my dreams…i read something and looked up, and then looked back down, and it was the same text. so…your mind can play tricks on you.

you should try using RCs such as counting fingers and plugging nose and trying to breathe.

thanks for the suggestions

yup :smile:

Do multiple RC’s, that way if one, or more than one fails, you still have a chance of catching whether or not your dreaming. I usually do nose plugging, hand check, and reading, while also going back in my memory and seeing how I got to where I am. Though I don’t do them that often mind. I should do more.

A good one that i started today was writing “DREAMING?” on my hand. Ill probably look at my hand 100 times at school when im writing or looking at my watch and pretty much all the time. I did it for the first time today and already 1 LD (had a nap after school). So that one worked great for me ill see how it goes and get back to u with some results.


Strange… Did you really see this text on your dream hand in the same way as irl? I’m always a bit sceptic when people use writings on their hands as a RC. I don’t think it’s very reliable, because there’s much chance you won’t see anything written on your hand when you do that RC in a dream. Even if you see some writing, it’s often distorted, just like every other writing. So to me, the chances of reading “DREAMING?” on your hand while in a dream are very small.

sorry, you’re right. I should have clarified.

When i look at my hand, and i see “DREAMING?” it reminds me to do a RC of other sorts, aswell as just generally question reality. So for example. ill be in class writing and ill look at my hand, see “dreaming?” and then go through all the steps i do when i question reality: the nose RC, tracing back my steps etc. But i guess it would work in a dream if i looked at my hand and saw that the text “DREAMING?” was distorted i would realise i was dreaming because of that. but in the LD i had 2day, it was just questioniong reality that got me lucid. But im sure that the continuous RCing throughout the day, thanks to the word on my hand had something to do with it.


Ok thanks for clarifying that up :smile:

In that case, it sounds like a good tech indeed!! And yes you’re right too… even if you look at your hands in a dream and see nothing, the very action of looking at your hands might trigger something else (other RCs or lucidity right away).
I hope you this tech remains very succesful for you!

Good luck :smile:

i dont know about the writing of the dreaming on ure hand…if i do that when i go to school…id have a lot of people questioning me. and possible punk me around. :-/

good idea about the hand :smile: I’m gonna do it.
Peaple already think im weird so it doesnt matter. lol

when I read in my dreams I don’t see letters but I do know what it says, except it is always something that makes no sense so I don’t ever remember what it says

I havent rembered anything like that