Reading in dreams

I think I might know why some people can read in their dreams while others find it difficult or impossible. I don’t have too much trouble reading in dreams, lucid or not, and I think that it has something to do with how I read in real life.

Basically when most people read in RL the words go from their eyes to their voice box which actually forms the words as if you were speaking them and then it goes to your brain. But the way I read is like speed reading. In speed reading you read whole chunks of text instead of word-by-word, and in doing so you bypass the voice box, sending the signals straight to your brain for interpretation.

So I think that effects how my mind recreates reading during my dreams making it eaisier for me to read. I haven’t got to test this out since I just realized it and haven’t yet had a lucid dream to do so, but it is my new goal. I usually don’t even have to read in my dreams, simply because there is usually nothing to read.
I was just wondering your opinions on this. Thanks for reading. :content:

Well I don’t speed read and usually I can read perfectly ok in dreams.

Oh yeah, I wasn’t saying that that is the only way to read in dreams. It was just a theory. :content: