Realistic LD videos...?

Do you know of any video that has attempted to simulate the experience of a typical lucid dream from the dreamer’s eyes as faithfully as possible?
So far I guess the movie Inception is the closest to this that we can get, and that is certainly a great movie with many impressive scenes - but personally I never felt that it actually was “dreamlike”, it felt more like different real lives in separate dimensions.
Has anyone ever managed to simulate a lucid dream, all things included?
I think it could be very fascinating to watch.

I think that would be very hard to do. I watched almost every ld relating movie and there are good movies out there but I think that the movie that describes the ld’ing the best is Waking Life, well how dreams and lucid dreams can be in the nature. Unstable, unpredictive and scary and awesome, cool, happy and great can dreams be.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

What Dreams May Come even though that’s mostly about the afterlife.

While I loathe James Cameron’s Avatar with the creeping of a hillside full of worms and snakes, I can’t fault the visuals. Okay, the textures could be one-upped by Final Fantasy VIII, but everything else about the visuals is pretty good.

Episode 8 of RWBY:
Or better yet, the trailers: