Reality Check at a Bar

I have been reading these forums for a while now. I just started trying to induce LD’s about a week or so ago. Something happen to me at a bar the other night that I thought only you people would appriciate.

I met up with a few friends of mine at a bar near my apartment. It has been REALLY nice in NYC for the past few days so we went to a bar that had an outside patio, that we could hang out at since smoking isn’t allowed inside public places in NY.

In the outside patio was a pregnant cat. It prob was a stray, but the bar has been leaving food for it outside in the patio. There was also like a fireplace, in the center of this patio. While we were all sitting infront of the fireplace, the cat jumped on my friends girlfriend lap.

The next thing his girlfriend said is what really bugged me out. She said “Isn’t this so out of place? We are outside at a bar, in front of a fireplace, with a pregnant cat in my lap. Its almost like a deam”.

When I heard this I had to do like 20 RC’s and remember the events before me getting to this bar, because I was sure I had to be dreaming!

Wow, amazing DS but unfortanute reality. Congratulations on realizing that this could’ve been a dream though.

Welcome anyoners :wave:

So how does your new perspective on reality feel? :content:

Its actually been kind of eerie. Its amazing how many times throughout the day I find DS. It keeps my RC’ing though.

My first night trying I was able to induce a LD with-in a dream. As soon as I realized it I started running through walls and flying and with-in 30 seconds I fell back into the dream.

Its weird though, I feel like ever since I have been trying to induce a LD, my dream recall has decreased. I have always had a great recall of my dreams (1 - 2 a night on the average), but now I have to do a mnemonic just to remember a dream most of the time. Which is not really such a bad thing since it keeps me thinking about LD’s before I goto bed.


Even if I never LD again, I can’t lose my DR, that my favorite part about dreaming.