Reality Check of dream controll

Twice now i have became lucid due to me thinking that something would happen because it was a dream.

Two nights ago i was walking in a high school i used to go to. and i knew that i used to go to this school and was about to start some normal dream stuff, but i sill needed to do a RC just to make sure, but rather than the hand method that never fails me, i decided to push the will of the dreamworld. walking next to me was a ball player with a basketball in his hands, and i focused, and will almost all the will i could muster up i believed that that basketball was going to fly out of his hands. But odly enough the kid threw the ball, and when i say threw, i mean CHUCKED that ball out of his hands, and by CHUCKED i mean that that thing was the fastest i have EVER seen a basketball move in my life (and then some, this ball FLEW acrost the air.) Within less than the time it takes to blink, this ball had been thrown and hit another kid straight in the chest (who was knocked back about a foot and lying on the ground)

anyways, this goes to prove that i focused all of my might (apparently too much) to change the dream world, and it bent to my will, before i even realized that i was lucid. Anybody else ever experience this?

Dream: I was walking around my driveway at night (it’s big because my mom works from home) when I saw someone rummaging through a trailer. The guy turns around and waves at me. I figured I was dreaming, in fact I said out loud “I’m dreaming”. This was before I started studying lucidity, so I decided to test my suspicions by altering the dream rather than with a RC. I turned the guy into a zombie and he charged me. I tried to turn him back, but I didn’t have full control so he reached me and I woke up.

Sounds interesting. I can’t recall any examples at the moment, but my reality checks tend to be “can I do lucid things”.

One I can think of is that if I get the suspicion that I’m dreaming while I’m outside I might try to fly before I know it’s a dream. When I’m successfully flying I go, “Oh, so it was a dream.” and enjoy the lucid. :happy:

I’ve done this once or twice, usually to confirm that I am definitely dreaming after doing a RC.