Reality Check Reminder

Just a simple program I made since I was in need of something to remind me to do reality checks. - WORKING

You get to choose from different times, so if you for example chose 10 Minutes, each 10:th minute you’ll be alarmed by a beeping noise together with a note telling you to do a reality check.

Maybe you should tell us more about this program?

That is a great idea. :content:

Anyway, I downloaded it, but it does not work! :eek:

It don’t seem to work. I get lots of errors

Might need to work a bit on your programming… I just got an error defining an external function.

if you guys want a RC reminder try Lucille i’ve used it for almost a year now. You can edit the messages and everything even set the intervals you want it to pop up in or set it to random.

just scroll down to Lucille 2 download :smile: enjoy

WOOT?! It doesn’t work? Omg :razz: Sorry people :sad: I’m gonna correct this right away.

It is fixed! :happy:

Nice, it works now. :happy: