Reality Check

Hi All,


Here Is what I have been doing

I look around my self my sorroundings and ask the question " is this a Dream"
When I am walking outside my House I question " Is this Bike a Dream sign?, is this person a dream sign, is the Letters written on the Board a dream sing and so on"

But here is the most important part
My Reality Check Turns into a MANTRA which means I dont stop with one mantra
I simply KEEP ON REPEATING “Is this a Dream ?”

Imagine me repeating a Mantra " is this a dream " EVERY 2 seconds …
RESULT : After Repeating the Mantra the Whole day I still dont get Lucid
Worse I get Exreemly Deppressed when I fail to have a LD
and one more thing I HAVE NEVER REPEATED any Mantra in my Dreams even if i have repeated the Mantra a Million times.

So my question is HOW TO DO A REALITY CHECK ?
Because every reality check I do Turns into a MANTRA which means I keep repeating the Phrase every 2 seconds …

Imagince repeating a Mantra " Is this a Dream" every 2 seconds for 4-6 hrs a day … It makes me go MAD…

So I am confused ?

Any Help/Suggestions Please ?

Thanks for reading my Post…Hoping for a Reply …

Mantra doesn’t sound like the right tool if all you’re doing is repeating the same question over and over again. What’s important about reality checks is to assume that you are in a dream and you really want to verify that. The goal of the RC is what matters, not the actual method. From how you started out to describe your RCs, it seems you’re going into the right direction. I mean this:

Consider also the nature of dreams and the consequences of being inside a dream while you are questioning your reality.

I find it curious that none of your mantras has made it into your dreams yet. Judging from the dream recall topic you opened, I guess you may just not have recalled those dreams. Impossible to say.

Just by the vibes I get from reading your post above, I wonder if getting mad (that is, strong emotions, especially the not so positive ones) might be a common dream sign you could work with :lol: No hard feelings. Do you get strong emotions in dreams? Many people do, I wonder what your experience is.

I had to reality check trying to click on this thread as it would not open.

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You bet how I was RCing first of January when the whole site wasn’t working. The browser on my phone didn’t display the reason. It just gave me an older version of the forums :joy:

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