Reality Checking with a rave danceing wristband no luck

I’ve been trying to become a lucid dreamer again so I’ve been reality checking.

I bought a vibration activated LED wristband from Ebay. It’s usually sold to rave dancers I think. The one I ordered is $1.40 from Ebay.

Unfortuantly I haven’t had any lucid dreams from it yet but I’m going to keep at it.

Here is a video I made to show how vibration sensitve it is.

In conjunktion with this wristband I’ve also been listening to a meditation bowl sound effect every 4 minuits, using a iOS app called “Insight Timer”.

Whenever I hear the haunting chime in bed and at my computer I tap my LED wirstband to see if it produces light. (lights don’t work very often in dreams).

I’ve been at for 3 and a half weeks so far, but no lucid dreams yet.
I did have one dream, where I asked a secretary if she knew what that chime sound means.

I do find my dreams are more pleasent and peaceful in general. So I’m planning to keep doing it.

Can you explain how that works? Does the bracelet go off when you’re asleep to remind you to RC?