Reality Checks and Staying Lucid

Ok so sorry if there are any forum topics similar to when I make this but I got a debug error when trying to use the search. So I found that the best reality check for me is jumping up and seeing if I float back down or just drop. But I have a hard time remembering to do said reality check, I do it a lot during the day but I’m really hazy in a dream and forget to do it. Also with the staying lucid, I had a dream last night which was awesome but I did a reality check last minute and all of the sudden woke up when I realized I was dreaming. Any help on staying asleep when you find out you’re lucid?

Give it time. I (and most of people) woke up from my first LDs almsost instantly, usually because of exciement or that you are feared from what’s actually going on.

Your Jump RC is interesting and could be effective since you use whole body to do it (and gravity is weird in dreams), but may not allways work. Make a habit to (also) use nose plug, it’s simple and fast and you can do it in LD while doing other things, and it works all the time.

If I do RC in dream too much, I wake up. But I think your problem is the excitement thing I desctibed above.