Reality Checks: No Such Luck...

Just wondering, does anyone here have great triumph with Reality Checks? I have been doing RC’s for about 4 months now, and nothing has happened with it.

I haven’t really had success with them either.
I have only done 1 RC in a dream, and that was just to confirm I was dreaming. There was a tiger running around in my back yard, so I was already pretty sure I was. :smile:

chronos, what do you mean when you say you haven’t had any success with RCs?

oneiromancer, I mean that in 4 months of doing RC’s, I havent done an RC in a dream.

Just another confirmation of my own skepticism about RCs :gni:

If you want great triumph try MILD and WBTB - kick-ass methods zillion times more effective than RCs, especially when you combine them :content:

BTW the only way RCs can become effective is when you REALLY expect them to fail ANYTIME. So you really have to expect this is a dream. Just doing checks by routine while subconsciously expecting to be in waking life anyway doesn’t work, because the real critical attitude is missing. The problem is who can be that motivated to continue such a mindset with heart and soul for month after month :eh: ? After a while it just becomes routine anyway.

I’ve been having nice results from RC’s :content: Maybe its because I have consistant people in my dreams, who appear all the time IRL, so I count my fingers every time I see those people. Infact, this morning I had a DILD where I counted my fingers :smile:

Right now I’m working on remembering to count fingers automatically when I see the people. I’m becomming good at it. If you have consistant dream signs like me, I suggest wearing something that youll constantly feel and pay attention to (Like something heavy in your pocket), and it will remind you to do an RC when you see your dreamsigns.

After doing RCs unsuccessfully for almost a year I gave up. The only time I did them in a dream was after I already was 95% sure I was dreaming and that was just before I did something stupid. Although nothings working for me, RCs are definitly not working.

Should I stop flipping light switches then? It’s getting on people’s nerves.

Well, maybe you shouldn’t stop doing RCs totally, Backslider, but just do ones that won’t bother anybody, like counting your fingers or reading something…never fails :wink:

LOL. yeah, that must be annoying. i just look at my hands and say am i dreaming every ten minutes. BTW, are you doing the RC’s constantly? like every 30 minutes or something? itll help if ya do it often.

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