Reality Checks

So last night I dreamt that I was in a contest, and I felt like something was wrong. And I randomly did a nose RC, and I could breathe. I was thinking something like, “This is odd…” So I looked at my hands, which was weird because I never use that RC. I counted them, and I had twelve fingers. Then I couldn’t stop laughing. I was like, “LOL TWELVE FINGERS!” But I didn’t become lucid. It didn’t click in that I was dreaming.

This happened before too… I was thinking something was wrong and I did a nose RC. I was like, “Hm.” And went on with the dream.

I don’t know why… is this a common problem?

Oh, that’s what I call really bad luck xD
I think you need to focus more on the actuall rc’s and what they mean to you.
Every time you do a rc you must say to yourself and really mean it “Am I dreaming now? Is there anything indicating that that would be the case?” - And you must say it and mean it every time.
(This is going all-in on your rc’s, cos you seem to need it)

But you were really really close, and the chances are that this was just really unlucky :wink:

Hehehe… okay thank you, I’ll do that then. :3

Yeah that happened to me too it was really stupid. btw nice pic is it of kagura from fruits basket ?

Yep movie me is right, it’s probably just really bad luck or you’re not questioning reality enough during the day when randomly doing RC’s IRL. I have a similiar problem where I say that I know I’m dreaming im my dream and even say that it’s a lucid state but in itself I don’t become lucid even thou I do act in a lucid way. Btw I like you’re nick ^^ maybe it’s just because I’m german.

cutout of my dream yournal:

I think thats a similar experience. I did a RC but did not become lucid somehow :confused:

I think something kind of similar happened to me.

I have only been doing RCs for a few days, so it may just be chance. While awake, I write DREAM on my hand. Every time I look at my wrist watch, I read my hand and say “dream” aloud and question if I am awake or dreaming. Usually when I do this, I will also look around and notice my surroundings and how normal everything is.

Last night, I dreamed (not lucid) that I was at a concert/sporting event in a sports stadium and trying to get away from someone. I was not running for my life, but rather trying to avoid a person who annoyed me. In the dream, I was going to leave the stadium and re enter through another entrance in order to lose the annoying person. I found myself in a bathroom washing my hands, and when i looked at my hands, I notice that I was washing off the ink stamp I received when I first entered the stadium. I would need to show this stamp on my hand to get back in after leaving.

After waking up I recalled that the ink washing off my hand looked similar to the ink I used to write DREAM when I washed my hands in Waking Life. I’m not sure why I did not do the RC in the dream, but I think it was because I’ve only been doing RC during the day for a short amount of time.

Question for you guys: Do you have close calls in RC before having a LD?

I had a dream a few nights back where I realized it was a dream, but I decided that I was just going to let it take me where it would… I don’t know why, because had someone had given me the choice in WL I would have been all over the lucidity…

I had another last night where I realized it was a dream, decided to go lucid long enough to “command” some zombies to run in the opposite directions, then decided to go back to normal dreaming… odd.

I justified my nose breathing RC by saying that I had a runny nose so that is why I could breath.
I then questioned it again and was going to try to fly, but thought it stupid and didn’t take it any further. How disappointing.
Good luck to you.

When you do a RC, expect it to fail so it will fail in your dreams.

Woah, sorry for not replying… life stole me away from this forum. >.<

Thanks for the luck!
I think taking RC’s more seriously helped… taking more time on each one and saying to myself, “that didn’t work, so I’m probably not dreaming…”
Because I haven’t had a situation like that since, thankfully. ^-^
Thanks Magicpotion and padfootandprongs123. ^-^ I believe it was Tohru I had up there.

try affirming that we are dreaming each time we do a reality check ?

do you think that would help ? also taking the check very seriously describing to yourself what will happen if you are in a dream, after saying to yourself that you are ?

Maybe, I’m sure it would. ^^
Basically, I just try to say something to myself to affirm it. Like, “Since I can’t breathe through my nose, I’m probably not dreaming.” I’m sure it would have the same effect as “If I were dreaming, then I could…” and doing an RC. ^-^ If that’s what you meant.

I know why that happened.
That’s because you were not taking dreaming as a real possibility.
You have to believe you are in a dream, even when doing RCs IRL.

I never thought of that… thank you. :slight_smile: