i dont understand how you can realize your dreaming when your unconcious, you cant controll yourself, so how do you do it? i trieed last night and i failed, can anyoone help me?

When in a normal dream your consiouness is going on as if it would if it were awake. the only differnece is that you know you are dreaming. Such as when you are in a nightmare you are controlling if you run away from the monster or if you turn left or right at the intersection but you just dont really think about such things crealy in such situations. I think if in every dream we just sat down for 3 minutes or so and tried to rationalize the fact that it was a dream would be so obviouse it would be funny. but dont worrry for some people it takes day, weeks, or even months to get a lucid dream but it gets easier every time. just read around the website for help and if you are really interested pick up Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming by Stephen Laberge

I’m no pro at this or anything, but here is how I became aware in a dream two nights ago for the first time.

I woke up at 4:30 a.m. and drank a can of pop. Then after about 30 minutes I layed back down and repeated in my head, “I am dreaming” 100 times. I did this slow and it took about 20 minutes. Then I simply went back to sleep.

I started dreaming some time later I was playing halo and it just hit me. “I can’t be playing halo, I’m supposed to be sleeping, This must be a dream.” As soon as I finished that sentence I became lucid. It just happened on its own, like all that chanting in my head made me realize. I woke up in about 5 seconds though, but it happened.

Maybe you could try what I did. I’m not sure if the can of pop helped but I tried the next night everything the same but with out the pop. So who knows.

Ah Halo…I’ve had numerous dreams about this glorious game(the first one atleast). Never realized I was dreaming though…

thanks a lot i feel better now