really bad visual quality~!!!

my dreams have terribal visual quality. It seems that every dream i remember i can barely remember what things look like, or what the scenery was like in a dream. Maybe i’m just not remembering them, but it just seems like i have very crappy dreams visually. Any reasons as to why or remedies to this problem?

well its normal to not remember exactly how things appear, in dreams.

Do you keep a dream journal? If not, I suggest doing so,…have it next to your bed so you can write in it as soon as you wake up.

maybe even draw anythinug you remember…

if you do this, im sure that slowly you will start remembering things in dreams more clearly…


as with above… keep a dream journal…
once you have written a few your brain starts to get use to the idea. Therefore it gradually remembers more and more. Also in detail

When you obtain lucidity it sometimes helps to vocalize your wishes. It worked well for me, even something simple like “increase detail now!” can work wonders.

like the others, i advise a dream journal… nothing is gonna help any area of dreaming as much as this one thing can. or if your feeling lazy you can also try taking some vitamin b6. i take it rarely, but when i do i have very vivid dreams… very noticeable.

I have the EXACT same problem. If something works well for me I’ll definitely let you know.

When i first started recording my dream i thought i dreamt in black and white. But one day i remembered i saw a red rose and i knew i dreamt in colour.

Some time after recording many dreams i have these highly vivid dreams which are distinctive. Also, if you haven’t had a full-on LD yet keep trying because usually when i get lucid something just automatically kicks in and everything brightens up and gains clarity.

The power of intention is a very strong one, so you can increase your dream quality simply by wishing it. You could for instance, when you’re lying in your bed awaiting sleep, repeat to yourself that the quality of your dreams WILL improve. Construct a short sentence depicting your core wish, and then repeat it, kinda like the MILD mantra. Truly believe what you’re saying and feel your strong intention of remembering your dreams in the morning in all their glory. If you repeat it this way for a few minutes, you incorporate the message into your sub-c. It may take a few nights before you see some results, but this largely depends on how strong the message has entered your sub-c. Once it has reached a certain point, your dreams will change and quality will rise.

Good luck! :content:

hey thanks for all the tips all i’ll be tryin hard