Really scary hypogonic images and trouble going far - WILD

So im doing WILD every night i go to sleep, the last nights im starting to see faces, like old ugly scary faces watching me right in the eyes, somewhat like ‘the old hag’ and demons, I just try to change them into something beutifull but no success with that, its like im scaring myself, when i see two eyes i know its eyes, and then the image change into a face, usually a scary ugly one.

And when the images get clearer, if i manage to change the images, its like after a while im unable to ‘look’ inside the eyes, it kinda hurts to watch, i get the feeling of being too tired to watch, and its then when I fail at WILD and just go off to sleep.

hi ulv

what was very scary for me last night was hypothingy sounds. they are really loud! it was like a glaxon going off, and coupled with the flashy-lights thing was really strange

i was annoyed that i ver got HI afterwards.

i think the most important thing is to go with the flow though-they’re only images now matter how much you feel different

Try thinking of positive things went you go to bed. :happy:

Ulv, you are actually very close to having an LD, these images are essentially the beginnings of a dream. Keep in min that any sounds, vibrations, faces, voices etc. are just your body falling asleep, while they may be scary or startling they are 100% harmless and … not real.

When you see the faces try to “visualize” a dreamscape behind them and slowly project yourself into it.

Good Luck!

My metod for WILD, i dont know if it is correct, but i let my body sleep, and i jump between two places - “dreamworld” and “realworld”, when i want to be in dreamworld, i just look up in my eyes, and then im there, visualizing whatever i want, but if i want to bring my images from dreamworld, i just ‘open’ my eyes, inside my eyes… dont know if you understand my quite good, but i watch inside my eyes. But it gets really hard after a while, it kinda hurts when im trying to stay ‘alive’, my whole body gets hot, and i get a feeling of being really really tired, and its then when i fail.

I actually tryed autosuggestion last night, with WBTB, and i did wake up, i didnt open my eyes, i just lied there… and nothing happened… just black… now i didnt try long enough but it was wierd.

My LD’s comes trough DILD.

Had the same thing happen to me, suddenly a shotgun appared in my head, and then the next thing; “BOOM!!!” seriously loud. And that shocked me a litte…

See I’m scared of doing WILD. I do it anyways. Or at least I try but like I get freaked out by weird images and stuff…

Oh well. I’ll get over it.

Just a dream. All in my head :razz:

Don’t try to change these images. They can’t hurt you. And don’t think it’s something like Old Hag or demons, it’s useless and it’s false.

In the very beginning when I tried to see HI, I always saw skulls. I just found this funny. There is nothing to be afraid of. It’s funny to see HI whatever it could look like, I think. By the way, it won’t last very long IMO, you’ll have a period during which you’ll see ugly faces then you’ll see another things and you’ll perhaps never see ugly faces again (I’ve never seen my skulls again :sad: ) , so you should take advantage of your monsters while they are here. :wink:

I got them tonight too, just much more scary, since i saw the grudge 2 last night :meh:
dammit! what should i do?

Dude, that really sucks. When I try WILD for whatever reason the scary sounds and things I don’t even pay attention to. I don’t even mean not to pay attention them… I think maybe you just need to get used to them. Maybe you won’t realize what you’re seeing is scary.

If you can’t help to be afraid, don’t practice WILD.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the sounds, visions etc aren’t real. They are actually the sensations of your body going to sleep, they are normal and expected

Its all gotten better now, i managed to switch the image of some ugly face to a girl wich is really hot :smile: