Really struggling to find a technique that works for me

Hi all,

I’ve been attempting lucid dreams for about a month now, with no success. I know that these things take time and a month is probably too soon to be getting frustrated, however, I’m finding it difficult to even start on figuring out how to adopt a technique that will be effective for me. I started off reading the guide on this site, and I’m getting tripped up at the very first step: remember your dreams. I’ve tried keeping a dream journal since day one, and I’ve only managed to write down two dreams (and even with those two: one is just a couple random disconnected images, rather than a complete dream picture, and the other I didn’t remember immediately upon waking; it strangely only came back to me after I’d been up around 10 minutes or so). I have every intention of jotting down dreams the second I wake up and still have it in my mind, but that almost never happens. I’ve tried the techniques on the guide, but it hasn’t helped. Do I just need more patience, or are there other techniques I can adopt in order to improve my ability to remember my dreams?

In the last week or so, looking for a more structured method, I’ve been trying the Infinity software ([[software] Infinity)). However, I think I may be getting ahead of myself since I haven’t even mastered remembering dreams and the program’s focus is more on lucidity than memory. Even so, one thing I’ve noticed since adding WBTB into my pattern (and something that’s always been a problem for me, even before seeking LDs) is: I really, really struggle to fall back asleep once I’ve woken in the middle of the night. Last night I didn’t fall back asleep at all after my WBTB wakeup call. Is there a way I can work on my relaxation, or should I just accept that WBTB and the Infinity technique are not for me, even if I reach the stage of remembering dreams? I can’t handle many more nights of only 4-5 hours sleep!

Thanks to anyone with suggestions.

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Well, one thing is for sure: you have to have good dream recall before you start to try to induce lucid dreams. I think the generally accepted baseline for dream recall is one dream per night.

You said you tried the suggestions on the guide for dream recall…one thing to remember is that there is such a thing as wanting it too much. Your mind may be stressed when it comes to dreaming and doesn’t want to cooperate, so you might consider taking a rest and/or trying to ease up a little. Another thing is that if you’re using autosuggestion, you really have to believe what you’re saying. If you’re telling yourself that you’re going to wake up and remember your dreams, you really have to believe that you’ll wake up and remember them. Finally, try writing down anything at all when it comes to your DJ. If you don’t have images or scenes to write, try writing feelings or colors or anything that comes to mind. Just write down what mood you’re in when you wake up. Just anything that can get you going and that you can do on a daily basis.

Anyway, I hope this helps.

Well, yes, you should first work on your recall.
That way, you’ll actually be able to remember your dreams (today I had a lucid dream, and I don’t remember anything except the very fact that I was lucid…and pretty lucid, I might add).

You could try the autosuggestions like Yves said.
One more thing…

When you wake up, DON’T rush for your DJ.
Lie still for some time and let your dreams come back to you.
It happens suddenly, just like the second dream you mentioned. Exactly like that.

Enjoy :wink: