Recall Record

I was just wondering what some people’s record for most dreams recalled in one night.

Mine is 4 :ok:

After having continuous FA’s one time, I had 11 dreams. 10 of them were LD’s.

Mines 7, but my average is about 2. I wish I could remember 11 in one night!

For me it’s only three or four, but that’s only because I only recall one dream per sleep. The nights I remembered three (or four, I’m not sure), I must have been waking up and going back to sleep a lot.

When I first started keeping a dream journal (8 years ago), my record was about 6 dreams or so in one night (non lucid).
Average was between 2 and 4.

Then I stopped for 8 years, and now, having started a dream journal again, average is about two dreams with a record of three. But I have only kept it for little over a week now. So we’ll see…

7, 0 LD, I remembered fully olny first one. I didint wroted all of them on my DJ

Mine is only 4, but I’m sure I’ll get better. :content: (They were all ND’s).

6, 2-3 really detailed, uber long, etc etc, the rest were pretty long fragments.

My highest ever was 11 (NDs), high normal would be 4-6, but on average I recall 2-3 dreams.

if i calculated it i would probably get about 0.7

So far, mine’s 4.

0.7? Explain, LMS. :razz:

3 or 4, I guess it’s 3. I usually have 1 dream per night that I can remember.

Depends on your point of view. I think 4 is the most were I’ve had fair/good recall.

But I do know that I have had upto 7/8 dreams in one night if you count highly fragmented ones.

Some people seperate dreams from each other sooner as other people do. And like Chris says it depends on your point of view.

If you count fragmented dreams I certainly have had 6 dreams on one night. Most of the time I rather have 2 long dreams than 6 fragments.

I have had multiple times 3 dreams in a night. Maybe I had 4 once too…

thats my guess at my average. my maximum would probably be about 2 lol. meh.

I get about three when I wake up naturally. (ie. without an alarm clock or alarm clock substitute) Um, I guess my maximum is about four or so. I can’t remember the dreams earlier in the night.