Recalling a LD?

Ok last night I had the most vivid. the most clear. the most more then normal LD EVER. However after I awoke I only remembered certain parts of the LD. I specifically can remember the really lucid parts. I remember bits and pieces just like I would a ND. But I know from WILD to awake I was lucid. I remember doing RC’s and spinning on my axis each time lucidity went down. I remember touching tasteing but I cant remember what. only where and the taste…

Was this normal? I could only remember certain parts of it, and how would I fix this? Just continue to keep my DJ ? I usually have good recall but it really bugs me that I had such a Lucid LD and I cant remember it. :grrr:

Practice makes perfect.

Btw: do you recall in vivid detail what happened to you yesterday?
Or did you let the memories receed into the very same mist dreams dissolve into.

hmm usually I recall most of what happened to me. only when I think about it. Like for instance when I think of yesterday I remember being on a plane from sanfransico to portland, and a annoying kid sitting one seat infront of me crying the whole way. (this did happen yesterday) The more I think about my day the more I can remember, I retrace in chronological order it seems to help.

same thing with dreams I try and start with whatever I can remember then eventually I will rememeber the beginning and work my way from the beginning till the end.

I’ve also problems in recalling some LD’s. Around FA’s, I have some problems. This morning I couldn’t remember how I became lucid, nor how the lucidity ended. I don’t know yet what it’s related to, perhaps to changes in lucidity or consciousness… :confused:

I have the same problem sometimes. Sometimes I can remember everything from a LD that happened hours before I got out of bed and sometimes I can barely remember a LD that I had seconds before I got up :bored: Guess it’s just one of those things that happens and I guess it gets better with practice :cool:

During the dreams, when something happens that you really wish to remember, simply consider what it looks/feels like.

I also find that I remember LD’s best if I wake up strait after them (and not carry on sleeping).

I have never had a problem recalling lucid dreams myself. Perhaps you could try and give yourself a suggestion while lucid that you will remember everything when you wake up. I don’t know if that will work or not. It is just something that popped into my head when I read you post.

Good luck and happy dreaming.