Recalling dreams...or.. not!

I’ve recently gotten back into LD-ing after a 20+ year hiatus. Lately I’ve come across a problem: I’ve always been able to recall my normal dreams pretty regularly, just about every morning. Now that I’m trying to recall them and record them in prep for the LD, I can’t recall any dreams to write them down! What’s going on?

lol happened to me after only 1 month took me a lot of effort to get back into it, it is kinda like a sub c sorta of a thing aganst change, at least that is what mine was, but now my recall is back after 1 month and my lding skll increased lol so look 4ward to a great time after that wall

I’ve been having trouble recalling my dreams of late… I think it is a combo of less than ideal hours of sleep and laziness to take notes immediately upon waking up.

My dream recall also dropped drastically when I found out about LD’ing and started keeping my DJ :confused:
Seems that you’re trying too hard…