Recalling lucid dreams

As my LD recently get somewhat over 1-2 minutes of lenght I start to run into new problem: I have trouble recalling them. Even when I make an effort during the dream to remember it, after I wake up I don’t remember half the stuff from it. This essentialy leaves me with fragments.

Anyone has similar experience? Or everyone remembers their LD’s in their totality?


I have had that happen but more often with me it happens when i fall back asleep because the LD was in the early ,morning and then i will wake up and have only fragments of it left

Usually the longer it is, the harder it is to remember all of it (with some exceptions). Generally the things I forget are the order in which things happen and the dialog. Try keeping a DJ. It should improve your recall.

Every one of the lucid dreams i have had, i have rememberd all of what happend, so I can see how not being able to remember your dreams could be a problem, (its hard enough to lucid dream in the first place :sad: ) I see two solutions, when you enter your lucid dream, you should say out loud “I will remember all of my dreams!” that could aid in your memory, Also like wyvern said you might want to record your dreams in a dream journal.

That happens, but don’t worry - at least you remember having the LD :smile: In no time you’ll get more used to it and your recall will increase.

The fragment proble, i have alot. I’m pretty good at LD ’ ing, so they get pretty long. And it gets harder and harder even though im pretty good at recalling too :wink:

if you are in a lucid dream you don’t want to forget try taking a “remembering pill” or ask for something that will help you remember the dream. (You have to remember to do that though :wink: ) On the occasions I have done that in my lucid dreams it has always served me well :smile:

also, I find myself writing down my lucid dreams in following normal dreams/false awakenings, that preserves the memory too.

And seriously guys, try not to move at all when you wake up and speak out loud exactly what the dream was about.