Recalling problems

I want to know what I should exactly do for this annoying problem.
Every time I wake up, I just won’t remember to recall, and think about other things first or even moving, making me unable to recall.

So I want to know, is there any ways to remember to recall?

Also, if it might help…

  1. My recall quality is adequate. I can only recall the short moment before I wake up, but I can tell much details.
  2. I don’t do RC much, but I’m practising to do RC every time I walk through a door. I don’t do RC anywhere else.
  3. I’ve only had 1 proper LD, which I attained spontaneously, I did an RC, but didn’t stabilize.
  4. I can move and switch off my alarm clock and still recall, only if I remember to recall though.

There are a few things. You mentioned that you have an issue thinking of other things first. If you’re using a phone alarm you can usually program in a message… I would suggest something like “what did you dream?” Now, that aside I also have some more generic advice.

You didn’t mention a DJ. If you’re not keeping one, start. I mean one sitting next to your bed, or you could speak into your phone if that’s easier. In any case make it the first thing you do. Just write down anything you remember, every detail whether or not it is a full dream. This will help your mind understand that remembering dreams is very important to you.

I do keep a DJ.
I write in them every day.
Most of the pages are like “No recall”

Do you do anything to prepare yourself for recalling your dreams, eg. setting your intention? If not, try to repeat a mantra like “I will remember my dreams” before you go to sleep.

  1. Put your cellphone under a big note saying “DREAM RECALL!”
  2. Go to sleep
  3. Wake up
  4. Use your cellphone to record yourself.
  5. Recall your dreams
  6. ???
  7. PROFIT!

And if you wake up during the night and remember an awesome dream, then you can use keynotes from that dream as a mantra, to make yourself remember it later! So if you dreamed about piglets jumping around on hills, then your mantra would be “piglet, jump, hill”.

Best of luck, and keep up the hopes! Soon enough, you will recall like a pro :smile:

By the way, sometimes I think about the only dream i can remember from a night. I think about how it acted out and what I felt etc. That usually leads to remembering other dreams (it’s like a chain of remembering).