Reccurent places


I dont need to explain here what is a reccurent dream I guess hehe!

In my life, I did’nt have just reccurent dreams but also reccurent places. Sames places where I had different dreams. One of them, I think I’ve had hundreds, if not, thousand different dreams. It’s a whole city.

It starts with an old part to a recent part with bungalows all the same. All the infrastructure of the city is logic and in the same place each time I got there. It’s huge. Like a 80 000 peoples city.

I got there so many times that I know the whole place by heart. It have an army base, a water powerplant and even a ski resort!!

I’ve dream normal dreams, horror dreams, alien invasion dreams, war dreams, etc. in this place. It’s really easy for me to realise that I’m dreaming because of the number of time that I dreamed there. I even dreamed that I was put in a psychiatric hospital by mistake hehe!

Did you have such experiences?

Not really. Only a few ‘deja vu’ like experiences in a dream. Most dream environments are like a mixture of locations that I actually do know. I also can’t recall any significant reoccurring dreams or nightmares.

The city sounds amazing!

I’ve had this many times over the years, the places being frequently visited over periods of time, before moving onto new ones. I do miss some of my old locales - the endless beach and its pretty towns along the coast, the beautifully lit walkways with decorated paths and immaculate grass, an eerie cape-cod style house that became too frightening to explore with its central abyss. I used to explore the counterpart of my home’s surrounding areas as a child, too.

A new place has come up, which is an amalgamation of two very different places in waking life. What I’m curious about is how these places come to the surface, what brings us back there, and what brings about the changes or recurring places. Do you/does anyone have any thoughts on this?

I have had a recurring dreamscape; an alien cargo spaceship that I had quite a bit of dreams on. Most of them were nightmares though, and I don’t like it much :sad: