Recognising my dream signs

another question: i figured out a few of my dream signs–switching point of view, and book characters

POV) sometimes i am not seeing things from my body but i am someone else or i see things in third person completely like its a movie. other times i dream about reading a book or watching a movie or something and then in the next scene i am living the book/movie. i always notice this after i wake up but is there any way of recognising this dream sign more often in my dreams? in WL i only have one POW: my own, so i am not sure how to do an RC with this yet.

BC) i started liking reading recently and i noticed some of the characters i read about appear in my dreams–from freaking awesome series like percy jackson or gone. also tv/movie characters (just had a dream of the last airbender). any ideas on how to notice these? usually when they appear in my dreams i am one of the characters, or am watching them. somethimes both. all i am doing now is reading something then doing an RC whenever i remember but im not sure if that is totally effective